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I’m in one of those moods where I have so much to say, so much I’m thinking about, that I actually have nothing to post about. Pretty fun blog, huh? Have a picture instead. assisty-pics-008.jpg

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Is is true that you should not take a shower in a thunderstorm? If that is the case then a hell of a lot of Bostonians risked their lives this morning. Anyone else wake up to that thunderstorm this morning at 6:15 am? Waking up 45 minutes too early made me a little mad, but I thought surely the damn thing would be over by 7 when I need to shower and get ready for work! Uh, no! Stupid thunderstorm. I got so freaked out by it (cause I’m crazy) that I literally took a one minute shower, basically long enough to wet my hair and wash with soap and thats it.
If someone could just once and for all post the rules about thunderstorms, that’d save me a lot of grief. Here are my general questions:

Can you run the a/c in a thunderstorm?
Can you shower in a thunderstorm?
Is it true that you can be hit by lightning that has gone through the ground?
Why do thunderstorms seem to taper off when they hit Boston? I thought storms got stronger near or over water.
Is there somewhere I can go live where there are no thunderstorms? Ever?
Why do you have to be so scary, lightning?
How do you spell lightning? Is it lightening? Can you tell I used to be a spelling champ as a kid? (true story)
How f’ing scary and annoying is it when a big boom of thunder sets off the neighborhood’s car alarms?

I guess those are my only questions. I really don’t like storms. Another reason to dislike summer. Though i do love the cool fresh air after one. My apartment is finally bearable! YAY!

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I seriously cannot believe myself sometimes. I lose things but I don’t really lose them, you know? I just forget where they are so I spend hours tearing everything apart until I find it. This evening, it happened again. I was trying to find my lease to find the address I need to send my rent to. From 615pm til just 5 minutes ago (715pm) I tore up everything in my apartment to find the damn thing. You see, I usually put important things in the same place all the time to avoid this kind of situation. My T pass always goes into the same pocket in my purse. My keys are always on the bookshelf inside my door. My lease is always by my music books. Like an idiot I threw it in with a bunch of papers in some random bag. Incredibly relieved that I found it, but these kinds of things really stress me out and now I’m all gross and hot again after taking a shower to get ungross and unhot.

At least I can pay my rent now. I guess that is the important thing. But still, why me?

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So yeah this is sad. It is 3pm on Sunday and I have LITERALLY done nothing today. Slept in till mid-morning, watched TV from bed til noon and have spent the last three hours online looking at totally mindless crap. The only productive thing I’ve accomplished was having a bowl of cereal a couple hours back, but I’m pretty sure the milk has started to go bad. Its horribly stuffy and humid in my apartment, so cleaning or any other kind of physical activity is strictly out of the question. Was going to do laundry but I have zero quarters. Was going to go to Whole Foods but I’m trying not to spend the money, especially after the last few days.

You ever have those days that you completely waste, doing nothing? Its an awful thing to do, because life is too short as it is. But really, on a yucky Sunday like this when you can’t spend money, what the hell else are you supposed to do?

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Ok, so The Simpsons movie rocked! It was so funny. Probably funnier than any episode I’ve seen of the series since I was a lot younger (granted, I hardly ever watch The Simpsons). What really shocked me about the movie was how sweet it was as well. Homer and Marge were having marital problems. Bart was having father issues. Lisa got a boyfriend. There were many times during the filming when all the girls in the audience went “Awww”. Some classic lines thrown in there as well. Overall, a very enjoyable movie.

The audience in the movie…uh not so much. Well, it was really only the mother/daughter combo sitting next to us. It was a sold out show, so these two came in about 5 minutes before the movie and asked us to fill in the few empty single seats, which we were happy to do. This mother brings her 6 year old daughter in to sit, tells her to stay there, and then leaves. I first thought she was just going to the bathroom or to get a drink or something. The woman was gone for at least 20 minutes, if not longer, not returning until well into the movie. The daughter kept asking what time it was and getting up and down and just being generally annoying. During the movie, she would blow bubbles into her drink which was incredibly distracting, and she kept bumping into Laura the whole time. Worst part was that somewhere during the movie, either becuase of something funny or just to be bratty, she did a spit take and spit her drink all over Laura’s shoe. Thank goodness she was in tennis shoes, but I had sandals and got splashed too. GROSS!

The grossest thing that happened didn’t involve this girl though. After the movie, we sat through the credits. The guy next to me left his soda in the cup holder one seat away from me. This young guy (teenager maybe?) came over to me and asked “Is that your drink?”. I, bewildered, said “No.” AND THEN HE TOOK IT FOR HIMSELF!! That is just….so….ick! To take another person’s drink? When you don’t know what that person has done with it? If that person was sick? Thats just way too low for me to handle.

Anyway, the movie was good. Thank goodness.

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No, I will not be posting about how ungodly hot it was today or how stuffy my apartment is tonight. I’m not gonna do it. Yes, I’m overheated. Yes, I feel like I could live in a cold shower and be perfectly happy. Yes, I wish summer was over. But I’ve been saying it too much and I will not say it in the post. You have my word of honor on that. I mean, I could go on and on about that insanely intense sunlight. That you can’t walk more than half a block before feeling completely gross. That my boss’s air conditioning failing in his car this afternoon while in a traffic jam with me in the back seat in full sunlight almost made me cry. But you’ve heard this before. The roar of air-conditioners across Boston tonight is an all too familiar sound. My air-conditioner tonight read 87 degrees when I first turned it on. 87 effing degrees. But I am not bitching about it. All of my chocolate in my candy dish in my living room has melted. NO! Stop thinking it! I will not complain about how hot it was today!

Though, to be honest, it was really freakin’ hot today. I hate summer.

 Edit: Challenge is not to guess where that quote in the post title is from, but why I used it for a post about the heat.

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Some days I miss having a car. In honor of that feeling and also because I have absolutely nothing else to comment on today, here’s an excerpt from a very funny book. Subject: highways. Author: guy who used to paint lines on highways.

“For the first three hundred miles or so, I admired my work: The Painted Center Line. Often the solid white, occasionally the double yellow, but most often the broken white. Space, line, space, line. It penetrates the mind. Dot, dash, dot, dash, dot, dash. Like Morse code, America’s vast interstate system was tapping out a message to me and me alone. Literally translated from the Morse it would be “A…A…A…A…A…A…A…A,” as if America had something it desperately wanted to say but was hampered by a pronounced stutter.”  – Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not (Hyperion Books)

Okay here’s another excerpt, just for fun. Subject: a knock-off fast food restaurant.

“It seemed natural to me that a clown would be the mascot. How can they have a lock on that? When you think of hamburgers, you think of cows, cows make you think of bullfights, and who distracts the bulls? Clowns!…The best hamburger we sell is the Large Mack. It’s two all patties, extraordinary sauce, lettuce, squeezable cheese, pickled onions, on a set of buns. When you order the smiley meal you also get fries and a Cahoke. We make our own cola beverage, so it’s gotta be good.” – Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not (Hyperion Books)

Sometimes, I just amuse myself and no one else. 🙂

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Topic of constant conversation. How much do you hate doing laundry? I remember hating it even when I had a washer/dryer in the place that I lived, literally down the hall. Laundry is the bane of my existence. First of all, its four flights downstairs which means it is four flights upstairs each trip. Two machines, so that usually means at least 4 trips down and up the stairs. Finding quarters is always a constant battle (I remember that from college) and now I’m having trouble finding the right time to do it. Last night, the machines were full. Tonight, I missed getting the washer by no more than 5 minutes. I couldn’t take it so I went back down exactly when the previous person’s clothes were done and now I feel like I came off as a hyper-bitch to the guy. The dryers have hour cycles and the washers have thirty minute cycles, so now my clothes are going to sit there wet for 30 minutes before a dryer is free. Sadness all around. I do feel so accomplished once the laundry is done though.

Well….at least until the next week.

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Come on, people! Name that tune!

You ever get one of those Mondays that just suck all up and down? Today sucked. I’ve calmed down now that I’ve been home a while, but on the whole it was a crappy day. The bus was really crowded and really hot. It started drizzling when I got into work. My computer locked down and I couldn’t get on for about 30 minutes. The genius way to fix it? Unplug the damn thing. Yes, thanks helpdesk, you sure are smart :::she says sarcastically::: I had a headache all day, hated my lunch, got stuck doing one damn thing at work the whole day and didn’t finish until 20 minutes before I left. I have a coworker that gets paid way more than me and works way less hours than me, which is driving me crazy. Was drizzly and cold on the way home, again on an overcrowded and heated bus. The laundry was full so now I have to improvise what to wear tomorrow. I can’t sleep in my bed tonight cause my friend is coming to crash at my place and I don’t want him to have a bad back so I’m sleeping on my tiny loveseat. And its 946pm and he’s not here yet. Grrrr Arghhh.

I hate Mondays. This is was a complaining post, in case you didn’t realize that.

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Well, that was semi-interesting….maybe. Did anyone watch the democratic debate that CNN and YouTube did tonight? What CNN did was have people do video questions on YouTube, straight to the candidates. So you didn’t have polished news guys asking them. The moderator was Anderson Cooper, who can be soft sometimes, but I thought he stayed on the candidates pretty well.

All in all, it was interesting. It was cool seeing normal, regular people asking the candidates questions. They were the same questions that have led to all these stupid talking points, on all the popular issues of the day, but asked in a real way from earnest people. The answers weren’t as glossy as they normally are, but still pretty polished. It got better as it went on and the candidates loosened up a little bit and found the atmosphere in the room. Southern Democrats, believe it or not, actually support gay marriage!

The candidates: Some came off better than others. I actually thought Barrack Obama did poorly. He stutttered, he relied on talking points and generalities and came off as very unexperienced and naive, especially when it came to foreign relations. Of course, Hillary was incredibly strong on foreign policy. I gotta say that she is the only one of those candidates that I would probably trust to get us out of Iraq, if we are still there in 2009 (hehehe, thats a funny thought, huh? That we would be out by then).

In domestic policy, though, I thought Edwards was the star of that show. He was incredibly strong, especially when it came to the economy and healthcare. Found out that he opposes gay marriage, which I hadn’t known, but his wife supports it and she seems intimidating enough that, even though he opposes gay marriage, I don’t think he’d do anything to out and out stop it from happening. Each candidate got to do a thirty second commercial on YouTube as well and Edwards was by far the best, followed by Clinton. All the others were polished commericals. The idea was to do a YouTube style bit. Edwards used the song “Hair” from the musical of the same name, contrasted against pictures of everyday America. It was funny (remember the $400 haircut?) and also made the point of what the Edwards campaign is all about. Clinton’s was cute, using just plain white cards with messages on it.

The biggest thing this debate did was loosen the candidates up and most of them came out to be very funny. Mike Gravel, the only one so far to go on The Colbert Report, was insane. Kucinich (sp?) made a lot of great points but he is so far out there, that no way does he stand a chance. I think a Clinton/Obama ticket would be great, but I think a Clinton/Edwards ticket would be the best choice. I don’t see anyone outshining Clinton. She exudes the same amount of confidence and experience that her husband had in charm.

And I love Anderson Cooper. Can he run for president?

EDIT: The debate I liked. This inane, self-congratulatory post-analysis that CNN is doing is not only illustrating the fundamental problems of cable news (news in general), but is making me physically ill. Wolf Blitzer needs to go away right now. Have Anderson Cooper run CNN 24 hours a day. He doesn’t need to sleep, he always looks good.

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