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I hope my father is watching the premiere of South Park right now because it would give him tons of material for his sermon on Sunday.

Cartman has tourettes and is swearing all over the places. Unbleeped. They’ve said “shit” a couple times and “asshole”. I’m not sure if it is funny or not, but it certainly is outrageous.

Ok, I’m done posting about TV.


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And Scene…

Yeah, Private Practice is not a good show. Sucks because this will be yet another cancelled show for Tim Daly. He should join a show already in progress. He’d be hot on Grey’s Anatomy.

Baby switch? Mom poisoning her kid? This is way too much like ER and not enough like Grey’s Anatomy. Way too serious. The difference is that Grey’s doesn’t really focus on the patients as much as ER does. For a second episode, Private Practice is not giving us any character development.

So now the question: Do I switch over to Bionic Woman? Is that any good?

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Jumping the gun on ANTM

Okay, so it is only 8:49 but I’m going to go ahead and spill my thoughts about tonight’s America’s Next Top Model. Third week and I have to say that I’m just not impressed by these girls. Maybe it is better to watch the show in a group rather than alone. I don’t know. But none of these girls seem outstanding or even different to me. Sure, I like Heather a lot, but that is probably because she is such an underdog, not because she is a wonderful model. Ebony is now off my list and the rest of them all look alike so I can’t tell them apart.And most of these models this time are really dumb. This cycle just isn’t grabbing me. Feels way too reality-showy instead of a reality tv show competition.  It is a fine line. Maybe it will get better. Janet and Heather are by far my favorites now.

Prediction: I think Ebony is gonna be in the bottom two and I think she might  be going home. What a disappointment she turned out to be. I thought she would be fireworks.

Best Line of the Night: “I’m not claustrophobic, but I don’t like being confined to small, closed in spaces” or something like that. Oh my goodness.

Result: Okay I was wrong about Ebony. Yay, they kept Bianca. I liked her better than the other girl (I thought that photo was fierce). And that does prove that, at least on ANTM, Tyra is the only one you have to please.

Oh, ANTM. “I wish I knew how to quit you”

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Someone just slap me now. I want to go to London SO BAD to see Michael Ball in Hairspray, you don’t even understand. Until that miracle happens, I’ll have to be satisfied with this, a behind-the-scenes blog about the rehearsal of Hairspray. I’ve added it to my blogroll as well and it is really fun and interesting. So go there. And give me money to go to London to see this. Please.

Hairspray Blog


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Jon Stewart: Douchebag?

Of course I don’t think that. I love me some Jon Stewart and I don’t care who knows it. Did anyone see The Daily Show last night? Chris Matthews was on promoting his new book that is all about how to lead a good life by taking a lesson from political campaigns. Mr. Stewart, who admitted that he actually read this book (I guess he doesn’t read them all), called Matthews out and basically tore his book to shreds. It was the worst plug for a book I’ve ever seen. Jon Stewart wasn’t just being snarky and his usual self, he was downright combative and kinda douchy towards Matthews. It was insano uncomfortable to watch and I loved it. Yay for Jon Stewart not letting guests pull anything over on him or us.

I’m sure the video is up somewhere (try comedy central website). Def. worth watching if you haven’t seen it.

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Me, sensitive? Nah…

“What’s that spell?”
“Jerri, what does ‘v-i-c-t-o-r-y’ spell?”
“Fandango? Hobo camp. Ho..Hobocamp?”
“Jerri Blank is illiterate!”

 Here I go bitching again, but this really annoys me. My name is spelled with a “c-k-i”. Now, if you don’t know me or have to guess at how to spell my name and do not get it right, I don’t have a problem with that at all. It is not a traditional spelling of the name so how could I blame you? That isn’t what I’m talking about. When you’ve known me for over two years, have heard me complain about this before, and have my name prominently displayed on my email address and my IM name and still spell it “k-k-i” then I have to take issue with that.

Someone just asked for our IM names and this person sent them like this: first name: IM Name. On my first name, she put “k-k-i” but on my IM Name put “c-k-i”. Literally three characters seperated that. Its as if she is intentionally spelling it wrong.

Oosh, it drives me crazy. I should say something to her.

EDIT: I need to be very clear that I am not at all being snarky to anyone other than this one person about how my name is spelled. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad cause I honestly don’t care unless I’m already annoyed with you 🙂 I’m a really charming person I’ve just realized.

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Hey Folks, it is about that time for me to start pressuring you to come see The Longwood Players production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, playing November 9th through November 17th at the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre in Cambridge, MA. Judging from the cast and the director, this is gonna be something you do NOT want to miss. And check out the cool poster!


You can see how to get tickets on the poster, but if you want to go through me, just let me know! I expect to see all of you there!

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