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People, I’m turning into a guy. Obviously, I do not mean physically. But if you just take my day’s activities, you’ll see what I mean.

1. Stayed in bed until 10:45am.
2. Wore a (guy’s) Patriots jersey to CVS, Subway, and then on the T to Alyssa’s apartment.
3. Watched a football game where I was not only invested in the Patriots (and the cuter than hell Tom Brady) but in other teams and matches as well.
4. Came home and ate pizza (meaning I ate too much today, but I hardly ate anything yesterday, so it evens out) while neglecting to clean my apartment as I was way too tired.
5. Watched the Indianapolis Colts beat whatever loser team they played
6. Watched an hour of football commentary
7. Turned on, and this one I cannot even believe myself, the Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees playoff baseball game…and I actually care who wins!

What is happening to me? Maybe I should go on a shoe-shopping spree and buy the cutest heels I can find. I should wear a skirt to work everyday and not think about sports until next Sunday. Yeah, cause all of that is really going to happen.

Go Indians. I want you to win this so you can kick the crap out of the freakin’ Red Sox. See? I can’t resist.


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Evan and I


Did I mention that I met Steve Carell when I was in L.A. a few weeks ago? It was odd that he was still in his Evan Almighty costume, but it was nice of him to sit and take a picture with me. He is a smaller man than I thought though. 🙂

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Ugh, I just don’t know. I feel very conflicted about the Patriots game this afternoon. They are playing the Browns and if there is one team the Pats have to lose to this season (because they are not going undefeated unless a miracle happens) I want it to be the Browns. I’d rather them have an off day and lose to a not-so-great team than lose to the Cowboys or the Colts. Losing to one of the other best teams in the NFL would mean to me that that other team is better than the Pats. And that isn’t true. If Cleveland wins today, the Pats had an off day, giving them extra motivation to beat the shit out of Dallas next week. And it would mean the world to Cleveland, especially if Pittsburgh can manage to lose, as well as Baltimore. I lived an hour south of Cleveland from third grade until I graduated high-school. Everyone beats on Cleveland and it would just be gratifying to see, just this once, them beat the best team in the league. And it doesn’t seem as much as a long shot as it did a month ago. Tommy just needs an off-day.

That being said, I can’t root against my team, the Patriots. I will be wearing my jersey today and I will not be sad if they win, of course. It probably is just no contest. I doubt anyone would pick Cleveland over New England, so maybe I don’t have to be conflicted at all.

Does anyone else find it weird that, because the NY Jets and the NY Giants are playing each other today, both teams have home field advantage? I think thats cool. I hope the Giants win.

Marvin Harrison is probably out for the Colts. Is it too much to ask that the Colts lose a game? Dallas is playing the Bills tomorrow so we all know Dallas will be going 5-0. Green Bay could lose too and I’d be happy.

So we’ll see I guess. Could we be 5-0? Could the Browns go 3-2? Can someone please just beat the Steelers so bad that they are out of playoff talks?

Oh, and one more thing. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually interested in baseball at the moment. Cleveland (again) has the chance to put the Yankees out of the playoffs this afternoon. Same opportunity the Red Sox have with the Angels. If it happens that way, Cleveland  and the Red Sox will go at it. Guess who I’m rooting for? I’ve detested the Red Sox ever since I moved to this obsessed city (except for the World Series win, which I will admit, was cool). That should give you a hint.

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