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Over at EntertainmentWeekly.com, Doc Jensen does all these Lost columns, normally when the show is on the air instead of on a thousand year hiatus. He has a new one up and one of his theories caught my eye. WARNING: I don’t consider this a spoiler, but speculation. But if you don’t want to even speculate, then don’t read it.


I don’t know, I think it makes some kind of sense. I def. think Ben is a central character to the whole plot, even if it didn’t start out that way. Anyone else think this makes sense?


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…there is nothing like a picture of an adorable dog to cheer you up. Here’s Sophie. 58440011.JPG

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The Story of Tad the Bear and his tragic obsession with Stephen Colbert. Editor’s Note: Tad the Bear is not named after Tad the Building Manager from The Colbert Report. Tad is actually about 13 years old. And if you want to know why I have these pictures, all you need to do is ask. There’s a simple reason.

tad-small-1.JPG Tad the Bear went out and bought the Stephen Colbert book I Am America (And So Can You!) 

tad-small-2.JPGExcited, Tad started to read the book

tad-small-3.JPG Enjoying the book, Tad bought the audiobook and listened to it on my IPod. You’re  welcome, Tad.

tad-small-4.JPG But Tad forgot.  Stephen hates bears.

tad-small-5.JPG Depressed, Tad ate Stephen’s ice cream, Americone Dream. He ate a lot.

tad-small-6.JPG And then, Tad finished my bottle of whiskey and another pint of Americone Dream. “Why, Stephen? Why have you forsaken me?”

tad-small-7.JPG The shame of being a godless killing machine has made my bear an alcy.

tad-small-8.JPG Drunk and bursting with ice cream, Tad the Bear flipped out and decided to eat Stephen’s book, ironically fulfilling Stephen’s fear of bears.

And then, Tad died…

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What the fuck?!!!!!! Nigel is married! To that chick! My world was just turned upside down.

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Can you guess which dog this is?

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Broadway Negotiations at a Standstill

Well, that doesn’t sound promising. The LAT&P and the stagehands union can’t seem to come to an agreement. This probably means that Broadway will go dark until they do. That’s insanely not good. As the article says, the fall and Christmas seasons are the busiest times for Broadway. With new shows opening like Young Frankenstein and The Little Mermaid likely taking much of the audience away from older shows, this could really hurt shows like Drowsy Chaperone and others that have been out for a while. The big ones will be okay, but these smaller musicals and plays will definitely struggle.

That being said, if the LAT&P (thats the abbrev. we use for them at my work) isn’t being fair to the stagehands, some of the hardest working people in this business, then I say strike.

I sincerely hope this is just a New York issue and does not affect us organizations out in the field. Eek.

Interesting article anyway.

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If you don’t go here The Longwood Players and buy tickets to this show, I will personally never speak to you again. 🙂

Check out the press page. I wrote those captions and created than fun press invite. Yay me. I’m so not a graphic designer.

EDIT: I also wrote the press release. Now I just sound like I’m boasting. Unless you think it isn’t any good. If that is the case, I just sound stupid. 🙂 The alliteration line is my favorite.

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