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Cleveland Rocks!

Don’t hate me, Lauren. But I’m from Ohio, who do you think I’m rooting for?

Actually, I don’t really even care about baseball. If all of you really want the Red Sox to go all the way, I guess I shouldn’t poo-poo that. But c’mon. It’s the Cleveland Indians. I remember rooting for them in middle and high school. And if the Browns can’t get win a season, I’d be okay with the Indians winning one.

Again, please don’t hate me! ……. Go Patriots? ūüôā


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Because I like to torture myself, I’ve been watching Larry King interviews on YouTube. I found one of Anderson Cooper from when his book Dispatches from the Edge came out. Really interesting interview. They’ve been talking about Anderson’s dad, who died when Anderson was only 10 years old.

I feel really awful about all the mean things I said about Larry King’s interviewing style about the Stephen Colbert interview last week, about he asked about Colbert’s dad and all that. I didn’t know this, but Larry King’s dad died when King was only 9 and a half.

Anyway, the conversation that King and Cooper had about it was really interesting and Anderson expressed what my own feelings about that whole subject are to some degree as well.

I’d go into my thoughts about his book, but it was one of the more depressing things (and comforting though) I’ve ever read and I just don’t feel like going into it. Let’s just say that Anderson talking about his brother’s suicide really resonated with me. And he’s right. That pain never goes away. He said “closure is something Hollywood has made up” or something like that. So true, Anderson. So true.

Worth watching:

Anderson Cooper on Larry King Live

EDIT: This is Part 2 where Anderson talks more about his brother who killed himself. I’m all sad now. ūüė¶ I give Anderson Cooper a lot of credit for telling the whole story about his brother’s death on television. I know I’ve told a lot of you the story about Stephen, but I don’t think I could ever be composed enough to do it in public. This is a hard interview to watch.

Anderson Cooper on Larry King Live Part Two 

EDIT 2: For Pete’s sake, here’s the third part of the interview. Why am I still watching this?

Anderson Cooper on Larry King Live Part Three

Okay I take it back. I’m not sorry for what I said about Larry King. He goes to far asking personal questions about people’s tragedies. Grrr.

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Yay, I just signed up for NetFlix! I get a one month free trial and then I have to pay but it isn’t that much. Hopefully this will curb my DVD-buying. First up is “North by Northwest” because I have never seen it. Next is “Dreamgirls”, “The English Patient” and then all six discs of “Freaks & Geeks”. I’m sure by the end of the day, my queue will be full.

Thanks to Laura for finally convincing me to do it.

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Did anyone read that article in The New York Times this morning about Rudy Giuliani using New York as a selling point to Republicans? Here’s the link if you didn’t:

Giuliani Sells New York as the Town He Tamed

This guy is unbelievable. I wonder what people who live in NYC think about this article and what Giuliani is doing. He can’t have it both ways. He can’t be the lone voice of reason among dirty liberals in New York and also be the one that boostered New Yorkers after 9/11.¬† And if he really wants to go down the road of “look how much better New York was when I was mayor,” he needs to conveniently forget that 9/11 happened….while he was mayor. Now most would say that he had no way of preventing something like that and I think there’s a bit of truth to that. But from a lot of reports I’ve been reading over the past 6 years, Mr. Giuliani wasn’t the national hero (ha!) that he’s been made out to be. Exploiting 9/11 the way he is to gain political office is 100% detestable and that he could possibly be elected on a campaign like this makes me sick.

And don’t even get me started on Fred Thompson. Or Mitt Romney. Or Mike Huckabee.

Crap, the Democrats really need to win this next one.

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Buffy ‘Sing Along’ Stopped

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Go #12

Yes, I agree.

Overdue Accolade for Tom Brady


photo courtesy of Ronald Martinez /Getty Images, from the article linked above.

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