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Now, I might be jinxing it just by posting and if I do, then all you Red Sox people can shove it in my face tomorrow morning, but I’m watching the Indians/Red Sox game and in the 5th inning, the score is 6-0 Indians. HELL YEAH!

EDITED TO ADD: This should be in its own post but if anyone reads this before 11pm, you might want to check out The Daily Show tonight. There’s a weird story that has been going around the internets the last hour about tonight’s show. If it is true, I’m sure you’ll all hear about it tomorrow morning. If not from the news, then from me right here. And if it is true, I had a funny feeling that this might happen. Seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

And may I just add that, as a former Media Studies student, watching all this unfold is so interesting. From one person posting something on a livejournal community to a whole bunch of people scattered around the country debating the legitimacy of the report on at least one, if not two, forums. All this a good 45 minutes before the show is even going to air. Very cool I have to say.

EDITED AGAIN AT 11:44pm – And that person was right. Stephen Colbert is running for President of the United States, as both a Republican and a Democrat – in the state of South Carolina. Unbelievable. I hope they are able to really go for this. The comedy/satire potential is huge. The original post: http://community.livejournal.com/tds_rps/708837.html


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I Heart Netflix

Ok, I’m in love with Netflix. My first two movies, North By Northwest and The Awful Truth are coming tomorrow and I now have some 30 DVD’s on my queue. A lot of that is television so it is a deceiving number. I put Freaks & Geeks on there as well as Upright Citizens Brigade and 30 Rock Season One (cause I figured I would give the show another chance). I also have goodie movies on there like Dreamgirls and The Painted Veil, both of which I never made it to the theater to see. American Psycho, Talledega Nights, United 93, Cry-Baby, Network, Nashville and other movies that I’ve always heard I should watch and that I never have. Also some repeats thrown in there, such as The Aristocrats and The English Patient.

If you can think of a good movie that I maybe have not seen, let me know. I love picking out the movies. 🙂

EDIT: I’m so excited now! I just added the series “Dark Shadows” to my queue. Anyone ever watch that? It was awesome! Yay!

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Here we go…

Iraq Demands Blackwater Leave the Country

It’d be cool, I guess, if that actually happened. But something tells me Bush & Co. don’t give a damn what PM Nuri al-Maliki has to say or what he demands or anything like that.

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On a lighter note

Oh my God, this video is funny!

Jane Austen meets Harry Potter.

Watch it. It is corny, I know. But I thought it was fairly decent.


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Three Months’ Time

If you’ve had a personal tragedy in your life (and really, who hasn’t?), do you tend to…not gravitate towards, but pay more attention to those who’ve had similar tragedies happen to them? Like there is some kind of connection? This is going to sound very crass, but like there is a “dead brothers club” or the “my dog went to a big farm in Wyoming club.” I was watching the Anderson Cooper youtube videos that I posted in the post below and as soon as he started talking about his brother’s suicide, I immediately became more alert and really paid attention to not only what he said, but how he said and what his body language was like. I felt the same way reading his book Dispatches from the Edge, in which he delves even farther into the whole experience with his dad and his brother. Obviously, I can’t help but compare it to my own experience and revisit all of those feelings. I think that is a healthy thing, so I’m glad I watched that interview. That being said…

…now I’m really effing sad. And I was having a good day too! Geezy peezy. I usually try to keep this blog fairly light, focusing on all of my many good (Stephen Colbert), bad (ANTM), and ugly (bugs) obsessions. But since it is my blog, that would most definitely not be an accurate reflection of me, as I’m often moody and sad too (and easily distracted as the Lynn Cheney TDS interview is on right now). Anderson Cooper was right and I can’t believe I just said that as if I know the guy. The pain doesn’t go away and in most cases it doesn’t even fade.

EDITED TO ADD THE FOLLOWING MORNING: But apparently I don’t need to be upset by any of this because people who commit suicide are selfish, mean people who don’t deserve any sympathy whatsoever. According to my father, anyway. I can’t believe he just said that to me.

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