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Bwah, have you heard that Ed Helms is now slated to be at the Office convention in Scranton, PA, next week? Now I wanna go so badly! Hopefully we get good pics out of this.

Also, to continue on the Even Stevphen post further down, Steve Carell was on Good Morning America this morning and towards the end of the interview, he has some “nice” things to say about Colbert’s run for president. He even says that he’d be his campaign manager. How awesome would that be? And I say again, why hasn’t Carell been on The Report?

Side note: they are showing a lot more of Dan in Real Life on TV. Trying very hard not to watch any of it. So excited!

BWAHHHH! And I’m watching the Indy/Jacksonville game which is just about to start and apparently Steve Carell is going to be on soon. Oh Steve, how I love thee. There he is! OMG, he’s so adorable talking about Peyton Manning. His advice to stopping Manning is to get him pregnant. “Most people can’t play football while pregnant”. Hehehehe. That was awesome. I’m sure the clip will be on youtube at some point.

Ugh, I gotta do another pic to express my Steve Carell love right now. Forgive me, sometimes I go too far into fangirl land. MAN SANDWICH!


EDITED TO ADD: I just watched the funniest Steve Carell clip EVER! Has to do with Crisco. Watch it!

 Slimming Down With Steve – Nutrition

photo is from WonkyEar which is basically where all my photos are from. 🙂

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earnest.jpg Tickets are $16-$25. Contact me or go to The Longwood Players website for tickets.


Publicty Photo! Cool, huh? The tall guy is Jack.

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Even Stevphen

Steve Love

I only link to this article because Steve Carell is talking about Stephen Colbert and that makes me happy. 🙂 Otherwise, the article is saying what pretty much every other media outlet has been saying for years. The Daily Show has obviously surpassed Saturday Night Live as a breeding ground for successful comics. C’mon.

Picture love:



photos from WonkyEar and probably copyrighted by Comedy Central.

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