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“Earnest” Update

So, if I’ve been asking you to come see The Importance of Being Earnest lately, nevermind that. I’m so unbelievably angry and done with this show that honestly I don’t care if you come to it or not. So save your money.

If what I’m doing isn’t good enough for these people, then it is obvious that I shouldn’t be working with them anymore.


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Well, the reviews seem to be favoring Steve Carell, thank goodness. Can’t wait to see this, as I’ve mentioned about a thousand times. At some point I’ll talk about something serious on here. For now….It was hard to pick just what Steve goodness I could put on here today, so I decided on an oldie but a goodie. Watching this video again last night made me laugh so hard. Enjoy it!

Waiters who are nauseated by food – from The Dana Carvey Show. Notice how funny Steve Carell is in the background.

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