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Sigh. The writer’s strike. Read this very good article in today’s New York Times:

With Resolution Unlikely, Writers Guild Sets Strike on Monday

So that is that. For the next few days, weeks, and/or months, we will be without our late night shows and potentially our sitcoms and dramas. The Oscar race this year will be interesting (if the ceremony happens at all).

I’ve been peeking around on some of the sites and there seems to be confusion about what the best way to handle this all is, for the fans I mean. Some are saying to go ahead and watch the reruns and go online to watch the videoclips, showing to the big brass that there is a demand out there for this (which I guess would lead them to give more money out). The majority, however, seem to think that we should not watch reruns, reality shows, and/or clips via official websites, such as DailyShow.com, as this represents crossing picket lines. As much as I hate it, I think I agree with the majority on this one, meaning I won’t be watching any clips on DailyShow.com or Comedy Central’s motherload. If The Office should go into reruns, I’m not watching those either, nor will I be going to ABC.com or NBC.com to watch clips or shows. Sucks, but I feel dirty doing it, knowing that a lot of people are potentially losing a lot of paychecks and jobs because of this strike. I guess that means no more ITunes for TV shows as well. Sadness. ***Note, I said official sites.

Clips I have saved on my computer? That’s another story. 🙂 Some people out there seem to be talking about organizing something for the fans of any of the shows affected and if I hear anything more about it, I’ll let you know. As always, No Fact Zone has really excellent coverage of all the strike business.

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