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All this talk of the WGA Strike has gotten me depressed. I’m not backing off the issue, but I need a nice picture to send me to bed (especially since I can’t watch my TDS and TCR). This is the best I could do:happyface_ball.jpg



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Funny. if you look at the signatures, I am #138 and Laura is #134. Did we plan that? No. Do we both belong to the same livejournal community? Yes. 🙂 EDIT: Now added to my blogroll, so join!

Now I’m sure you are probably tired of me posting about the WGA Strike. On my way home tonight, I had decided to back off a little bit and let you find out information through the numerous links I’ve posted here about it. But then I came home and started reading more and more news about it and it just got me angry all over again.

For any of us who love movies and television and fake news and bizarre offices, this strike is more than just bunch of people holding signs and chanting outside studios. This is a wake-up call to the APTMP that we, the viewing public, are not mindless drones, consuming crap 24/7. The majority of us understand the hard work and sacrifice that goes into making our favorite shows. We understand that writers are the backbone of the entertainment industry and if they are being cheated out of money that will support them and their families, then we have no right to just sit back and watch the reruns and crap reality shows the studios are going to throw at us. One person, one fan, one viewer cannot make much noise here. But if we all try, just a little bit, then maybe we can be heard. And what they’ll hear is that the American public demands that the people who keep us relaxed and entertained be properly taken care of.

There is a Variety article out there, claiming that the public just doesn’t care about this strike. Don’t let the honking cars fool you. The truth is that people like movies and TV, but they’re hostile toward what many perceive as its overpaid artists…  Is this really how we feel?

So, sorry. For the time being, anyway, I’m going to use this site quite a bit as a place to post links, articles, reactions, news, and actions that we can all read and follow to show our support for the people who make the material we love so very much. I’m sure a Patriots or football post will sneak in there too. I’ll save my comments about what else is happening in the world for personal conversations (aren’t you guys lucky).


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Found it on Huffington Post. Ridiculous. He’s saying that right now, Internet material is not profitable and won’t be for years. It is therefore stupid for the writers to strike now. My question, which has been asked by a lot of the picketing writers, is this: If there are no profits, why do the studios have such a problem with cutting a deal with the writers? They are standing firm because they know there is money in their banks that doesn’t fully belong to them.

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As much as this week as already sucked not watching my favorite shows (not even the reruns), I have to say that I think it is worth it and that I think all of you should do the same. If you weren’t motivated before, follow this link and read this article. This should get you boiling. Settle in folks. This strike is going to be long.

Deals, Lies & Backchannelling: Why This is a Bigger Mess Now Than Ever Before

There is a ton more information on the subject out there. Be careful what you read. Thanks to No Fact Zone for posting the article.

There needs to be an organized plan for viewers to put pressure on the AMPTP to stop being assholes and bargain with the WGA. If I find a good one, I’ll let you know. I’m seriously considering boycotting everything, even the new shows on this week and next. We’ll see. It feels better than doing nothing about it, right?

And yes, I do know that the democratic world is ending in Pakistan right now. I’ll have more on that later.

EDIT: For Office fans and others, go here to show support for the writers.

EDIT 2: I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this, but to show support, here you go (I hope it is okay that I posted it here 🙂 )

The link seen on the video has been added to the blogroll. Check it out.

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