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Hey everybody. My first Friday night mostly at home. Lovin’ it! Anyway, while I was out I picked up the new Sports Illustrated magazine with Roosevelt Colvin, Mike Vrabel, Junior Seau, Tedy Bruschi, and Asante Samuel on the cover. Obviously I got it to read up on some Patriots love – a rare occurance nowadays. It seems to be all the sports commentators are saying “Oh, the Patriots play great football. We hate the Patriots. They were cheaters. Belichick is boring…blah, blah, blah.” You should definitely pick up this issue as there are two very good articles in it. One is about the Patriots as a whole and the other is specifically about the linebackers pictured on the front cover. Really interesting.

But, there was a surprise in store for me when I was flipping through the magazine. You know how Peyton Manning does all those TV commercials and we all complain about it? I think our little #12 is getting away with the same thing…in print! There’s a TO DIE FOR ad in this issue of SI for Stetson cologne and there is Tom Brady looking like the biggest (and yes, I mean biggest) man’s man you’d ever see. Worth the $4.50 just for that.

JustJared.com has all the pictures for the ad campaign. All I can say is – DAMN! What a nice mental picture to go to bed with….:)


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 EDITED TO ADD: There is yet another article editorial up on EW.com: “Why The Writers Are Right” This time, the person is supporting the writers, even while putting them down a bit. I’ll give them credit for putting this up, but it is an editorial and not a reasoned article about the writers as the other articles on there have been about the producers. And I can’t help but feel they put this up to curb the amount of negative comments being left on the site. This should have been on the site on Monday, not day 5 of the strike.

 I miss my blog. I miss my Daily Show and Colbert Report. I miss the carefree days of talking about nothing but The Office on Friday mornings. I could give it all up and stop talking about the strike on here and give the one remaining person who still comes here on a regular basis something interesting or funny or even stupid to read. But I just can’t do that while I know writers, production crews, directors, actors, craft services, wardrobe/hair/makeup workers, laundry services, limo and car service and other industries  are going to be affected and out of a paycheck by the stubborness and corporate greed of the AMPTP in not negotiating with the WGA to give them the residuals from DVDs and new media that they deserve, that they need to live on in between jobs. That was a horrible sentence, but guess what? I’m not a writer! I just support them. And if I can get just one person passing through this blog to become more informed about the strike by following any of these links (or browsing through some on my Blogroll), I feel it is worth it. Again, if you want the 411 on the situation, go to http://unitedhollywood.blogspot.com/ or www.fans4writers.org or join the live journal community (link is in the Blogroll).

So here’s my morning link to more BS that is being shoved in the public’s faces, spinning the strike in a negative way towards the writers and not the real people who should be blamed (and are being blamed by most of us online) – Nick Counter and the AMPTP. From Entertainment Weekly Online: Striking Home

This article, while not as blatantly biased as some of the others at this publication, covers nothing about the struggles the writers are going through. It doesn’t mention that most of the WGA are middle class citizens who do not sign million-dollar contracts. Instead, it keeps pushing the idea of how you, the viewer, will be hurt by those evil picketers. Evil, greedy picketers who are hurting advertisers and studios.

I use to love Entertainment Weekly, had a subscription to it for a long time. But I think they need to be sent a message. I say, if you have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly, cancel it. Don’t buy the magazine as they are obviously not on the side of the writers. EDITED TO ADD: From the comments – here is the link to the Contact Page at EW.com. I will post an address as soon as I have one to write complaints about the WGA strike coverage.

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