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Ok, we fans and TV viewers are a little over one week into the Writers Guild Strike and it is already getting rough. Well, it is for me. After having pledged (literally, I pledged on some website) to not buy DVD’s or watch online videos from official sites or watch replacement programming (including reruns), I am seriously depriving myself of a lot of what I do to unwind at the end of the day. This probably explains why I’ve been quite bitchy the last couple days. I was thinking that maybe some of you are having the same problem. So this is what I’ve been doing during the WGA Strike to keep somewhat sane…or at least occupied. Some of these might be bending the rules of a boycott. Sue me.

1. Watching videos online from UNofficial websites. I’m not going to say these videos are illegal. I’m also not going to say where I’ve been watching them. But guess what? They are out there. Y’all know about YouTube, but since the great purge of early 2007, there isn’t much to find there. I highly suggest going to fansites for your fav. people and shows. They usually have good links to vids that are not from NBC, CBS, ABC, or Comedy Central.com. Also been watching videos that are not directly related to the WGA, such as interviews, speeches, and old Second City and Exit 57 clips. I repeat: they do exist. Just takes a little work to find them.

2. Watching the Food Network. Now, I know that everything on the Food Network is scripted material, so I’m pretty sure I’m breaking the rules of the boycott to watch this channel. But what else am I supposed to watch? I’ve already hit my limit of sports shows I can watch per week. And I just can’t stand watching the news when I know I can’t see Jon Stewart mock them tonight at 11. I read the news now. 😦

3. Clean. My apartment hasn’t been this clean since before this TV season began.

4. Sleep! I love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but it has been kind of nice to go to bed at 10:30 and not force myself to stay up until midnight to watch my shows. I’d sacrifice the sleep to have them back though.

5. :::gasp!::: I have been watching the 8/8:30 reruns of TDS and TCR. I figured that these are rerun slots anyway so I don’t see how it could be called replacement programming. I can’t just completely not watch the shows. I’ll lose interest too fast. Yes, I am that fickle.

6. Read more….That’s not true. Not yet, anyway. I’ve been too busy. But if all the shows go into reruns, it’ll probably be true.

7. I’ve become increasingly neurotic about my apartment. Without my normal TV and video viewing, I have less to distract me from my apartment/bug/rodent fixation (and even as I said that, I found a ladybug above my computer). I haven’t seen anything in a while, knock on wood, but I’m still quite nervous about it.

8. I’ve been looking at a lot of photos. Office photos, Colbert photos, Dinello photos, Tom Brady photos. Next best thing I guess. Wonky Ear has been very good to me recently. From one of my favorite Exit 57 sketches, “Down in the Basement”basement01.jpg

Paul and Stephen. Hmmm.

I guess my real point is that I need these shows to come back. I need the writers to get what they want and to go back to work. I don’t blame them. I don’t get paid what I should at my job and it sucks. I just need them to come back. It’d be nice if that happened before next Tuesday so I can buy the DVD Hairspray without feeling really, REALLY guilty about it. 🙂


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Ugh I want to go to London so BAD!!!!! There’s lots of new Michael Ball stuff out there. If you go to the Hairspray blog link in my Blogroll, there is a video from opening night that lets you hear a bit of Michael singing “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” Also, go to the Official Site for some production photos. My God, the man has never looked bigger or more adorable. 🙂

The reviews were absolute raves for Michael and the entire production. I was dumbfounded when I first heard Michael would be in Hairspray, but it seems he was born for this part. And I like that you can still tell it is him.

Now I have to wait until Christmas for his new CD and DVD. The first time ever that I’m waiting for a holiday to get Michael stuff. And there hasn’t been a new DVD in ages!

EDITED TO ADD: Oh and I almost forgot! John Waters, director the original movie Hairspray, was at opening night. So you know what this means? Yes, I know someone who has talked to someone who was at opening night with Michael! John Waters is in Provincetown all the time! My mom has talked to him. I know she won’t ask him about Michael, but that’s about as close a connection as I will ever get. Maybe if John Waters talks to Michael, he’ll come to Provincetown? Yeah, I’m getting carried away. It could happen though! He could pet Newton and Sophie!

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