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The Debate Rages On…

What is the best hot chocolate? I firmly stand behind my Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate. It is thick and creamy…(i’m not inserting that joke here)…and just so good on a cold day like this. My coworker can’t stand it and prefers Nestle hot chocolate. Sorry, but unless it is Swiss Miss, I don’t do hot chocolate at home. That is what Dunks is for! I can’t stand Starbucks hot chocolate either.

The things we talk about on a slowish Monday in November.


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#1: Barry Manilow. I defy anyone out there to listen to “Copacabana” or “Daybreak” and not smile and be in a better mood. It is what cheesy music is for. Plus, it is a blast to sing to. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I truly do love listening to Barry Manilow. First concert I ever went to.

#2: Whose Line is it Anyway? videos on YouTube. I used to be 100% obsessed with this improv show back in late high-school. There are tons of clips on YouTube from it. Here is a personal favorite:


Enjoy and try not to pee your pants laughing. 🙂

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“Nothing Like the City”

Is it just me or is the city especially pretty today? This to me is the ideal November day. A little overcast, but not gloomy. The trees are absolutely vibrant, at least in Cambridge they are. And the chill in the air is enough to make your very, very warm office feel wonderful. Very pretty.

I love fall. I’m happy we are getting one this year and not going straight into winter, though I think I heard that we may have snow at some point? That would be pretty to have a little dusting and then for it to go away on Wednesday when most of us are traveling. 🙂

Yay for a short week! Monday morning and I’m determined to be in a good mood. My horoscope in the Metro said today would be difficult and I am determined to prove that wrong.

And holy crap, what the hell was that game last night? Did the Bills just decide not to show up? You would think they’d want to play considering it was a home game and on a Sunday night. Guess the Patriots are just that good.

10-0 BABY! Quote of the morning, from Peter King at SI.com: “The question is not who can beat the Patriots. It’s who can give them a game.”


Wes Welker in a really awesome, funny picture from Patriots.com (see Blogroll). I will definitely have more on yesterday’s crazy day of football later after I read some commentary on it.

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