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Spoiler Alert! 

Initial Reactions:

  • I love Betty Sue – the mom on the pink team. She is so funny and strong
  • I can’t believe the dad on the green team flat out refused to go to the gym. And then he blames his own daughter for losing the least amount of weight. So unfair. People lose weight in different ways. She worked her butt off.
  • I can’t believe the two young girls – best friend team- came in LAST! on the challenge? What the f?
  • Who wants the team that didn’t know each other before the show to be a couple by the end? I like them lots. The guy is kinda outspoken though, for spending most of the week in the hospital
  • The ex-couple has a lot of issues to work out. The ex-husband was so insensitive to her.
  • I love that all the women are crying.
  • I feel incredibly guilty drinking a diet soda watching this show. Might be healthy for me to keep watching it.
  • It seems incredible to me that a person can lose 30 pounds in a week. Granted, when you are that big, those first few pounds come off through water. But still, wow. Sad to think that 30 pounds would be the total amount of weight I’d want to lose (not even that much) if I ever put my mind to it. Ooooh, chocolate covered cherries….
  • It is really nice to have something  new on TV to watch besides football.
  • Least annoying reality show host next to Phil on The Amazing Race
  • Good choice in elimination. The green team should have left. I feel bad for the daughter but her dad is a jerk. To be fair, I couldn’t imagine doing this with my dad or my mom or anyone else I know. I’d probably end up ripping their heads off.
  • I wish they could do this show where no one got kicked off. Each week, the biggest loser would win an award or something. Seems sad that these people have to be sent home.

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2008: Resolutions

Below, you can find my 2007 Recap post. 2007 is gone and done with, thank goodness, and now it is time to look ahead to this new year. I won’t pretend that all of these resolutions will be followed or accomplished but I’ll try. At least for a few weeks. 🙂 Not really in any order:

  • Focus on work and work really hard. Learn as much as I can about my job and prove to the bosses that I’m a person to keep around. Goal is to have this effort turn into a promotion, raise, or transfer to NYC
  • Pay off credit cards (former balance already done) and continue to pay full balance every month.
  • Create a realistic budget that will help me start saving money
  • take pride in work done with The Longwood Players and try my best at doing well there
  • Find an affordable, good apartment. Would like a bigger kitchen and maybe a slighter smaller living room.
  • Take an alone trip to Prince Edward Island and stay in a bed & breakfast there. Have always wanted to do this.
  • send birthday and Christmas cards to family and friends
  • keep in touch better with friends and family
  • Do more charity work through donations or volunteering
  • Try to understand how to do my taxes myself
  • Finish DIRTSPRITZ! The Blog Musical and write others as well
  • work on being more sound in mind, body and spirit
  • work on having a better attitude at work and with friends and family
  • Stop and smell the roses occasionally
  • Develop a 5 year career/life plan that is realistic and represents what I want to do
  • See every movie that I want to see
  • Eat better and walk/move more – not to lose weight but to just feel better
  • Take care of business – make appointments and such and not procrastinate
  • go to New York City more
  • Host an Oscar Party
  • See friends more
  • Keep resume updated
  • Keep apartment clean and nicely put together
  • Cook more
  • Sing more and do focused practice
  • Create a book list and read more, utilizing the library and books from friends and family more
  • Take some kind of grammar course
  • Write more intelligent posts

 I’m sure there’s more I want to do but those are the biggest I can think of right now. I’m optimistic that this will be a good year. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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2007: Recap

I apologize in advance for what is probably going to be a long, rambling post. 🙂 

Raise your hand if you woke up with a headache or any other version of a hangover this morning! I haven’t slept in that late for a very long time and when I finally did wake up, my head was absolutely throbbing. At least it is just a headache and not a sick feeling, cause it is a brand new (gloomy) day and year.

It sounds cliche but I do feel that sense of renewal today, as if the previous year has been shoved in a drawer and not to be thought of for awhile. There’s a clean slate for the new year. Ever since I started Three Months Time back in July, I’ve been waiting to do a recap/resolution post for the new year. Here is the recap of 2007:

2007 was a difficult year and I am happy that it is over. I felt like this was a transition year in which the person you were 1/01/07 and the person you ended up as on 12/31/07 are not the same. I think the biggest change in my life in 2007 had to be moving into my own apartment. This was a decision I made and acted on, based on a long desire to try living alone. It was anything but easy. I’ve adjusted to living alone, being responsible for everything in the apartment and all of the baggage that comes with but it took a long time. The summer was fairly miserable. And then, there were the bugs. And more bugs. And even more bugs.

Professionally, I survived my first year being an accountant, a job I had little experience for and absolutely no education for. While getting to know an excellent person who served as our Finance Assistant all year (now, she has left us for Music), I had many “altercations” with another coworker that led to some really not good times at work. My boss worked very hard in getting me a raise and has had the foolishness to trust that I can do this job. I think I can finally agree with him. Probably the most stressful part of my job has been the ongoing drama involving our company being sold. Still no word on that. I also started a job at the Opera House as Assistant House Manager, a position I never thought I wanted until someone asked me if I wanted to try it. It is 100% better than answering phones, even though I’ve been yelled at enough times now to have a healthy hatred of the theater crowd in Boston. I continued to volunteer with The Longwood Players, working on A New Brain and The Importance of Being Earnest doing publicity and ticket management. Very stressful but a great learning experience (this is what I tell myself when I wonder why I’m working with them again). They are nice people, though.

The most traumatic time of the year was early on when my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His surgery in May was one of the hardest things we’ve had to go through since Stephen died. I’m happy to say that Dad has fully recovered. Mom and Ruth are still going strong in Provincetown and decided to own and operate an existing store. Very exciting. A Christmas trip to Ohio made me realize why I left Ohio six and a half years ago and a trip to L.A. made me realize that I badly miss one of the closest friends I’ve ever had. Speaking of missing friends, two of my best moved away in July which has been truly devastating. Happy note, they had a baby, Branson Alexander, who is adorable and healthy.

There was a long period of time in 2007 where I felt like I had lost who I was and what I wanted. Living alone, while something I was determined to do, was a thousand times harder finacially and emotionally than I anticipated it to be. I found my attitude to be quite unattractive and I was losing my determination to do…anything. I’ve gotten very lazy this past year. My self-esteem, while never very good, has basically dropped to non-existent and the mood swings are going full-force. This has all dropped off somewhat since about early November and I attribute most of it to me just changing again as a person. It’s kind of like Harry Potter. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry is very moody and irritable, but he has to go through this to become the more responsible, heroic person of the 6th and 7th books. I’ll just take the bad from last year and learn from it.

2007 was a year that had been in my mind for quite a while. May 4, 2007 was the tenth anniversary of my brother, Stephen, dying. That day was very difficult. 10 freakin’ years! I sometimes think about what it would have been like had Stephen been around for those ten years. Who would I be if that life-changing event had not happened? Would Steve like the person I’ve become? There are endless questions to be asked and no answers to be had. In ways, the pain of his premature death has dulled and then there will be moments when it is suffocating. It is my hope that as the next ten years go by, it will become easier and easier to think of the good times with Steve and not have those memories clouded by how or why his car ran off the road that night. It’s easier now than it was in 1997. Hopefully, the same will be said in 2017…when I’m 34. Oh my God.

So, that was 2007. I didn’t focus on much of the good stuff that happened this year, like Dori and Justin getting married (congrats), people getting new jobs and raises, people having babies, and general fun that was had. This blog is almost six months old now and I can’t believe I’ve kept it going. I really can’t believe any of you read it! But, to those that do, thanks and it has been nice reading your comments. My hope is that it will get better in 2008.


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Happy New Year!

We’re now an hour into year 2008. I’ve already been a good girl this year and just finished up cleaning all of my dishes from my little New Year’s get together. We party like animals. Everyone was gone by 12:30am. 🙂 We had fun though. We played that game Apples to Apples that was a gift at my office. Such a fun game! Thanks Katie for giving it to me!

I’ll be back later today with recaps and resolutions, but now I’m going to bed. I’ve had more than 4 drinks and am definitely ready to crash.


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