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Because I still trust in Jon Stewart even though most of today’s press does not. How soon they all turn their backs.

Go check out this blog from the Frederick News Post Online, written by friend of my blog, Sarah. Much more intelligent writing than mine. Very good read. Also added to the blogroll. Long overdue.

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Excellent article in The New York Times about the agreement representatives from The Daily Show and Colbert Report were trying to make with the WGA to get the writers back working on the shows.

Comedy Central Hosts Return to TV

There’s already a lot of opinions floating around out there about them trying to negotiate with the WGA, being part of Viacom and all that. I would think that  TDS having an agreement like Dave Letterman and Worldwide Pants does would help the WGA in bringing down Viacom, one little chip at a time. I don’t really agree with the divide and conquer strategy but I also don’t agree with giving some shows agreements and denying others. And yes, I know that Letterman owns his show and Stewart does not, but it certainly seems that he was able to finagle Comedy Central enough to make an interim (sp?) agreement. I can’t blame Stewart for being disappointed or angry with the WGA negotiators for turning his show down. It’s sad that he’ll probably get a lot of flack for his remarks on the air last night.

It’ll be interesting to see if he continues to comment on these dealings or if he lets them drop. I’m sure they will continue to negotiate behind the scenes. At least I hope they do. Still support the writers and think they should get what they are asking for, but I think it is becoming increasingly clear that the execs on both sides of this battle are not dealing with this well.

EDITED TO ADD: TWOP has an interesting conversation going on about all of this on their TDS forum, linked here. It now makes a little more sense that the WGA turned the agreement down to try to get all of Comedy Central in instead of just those two shows. It still doesn’t seem like the right move.

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For much better commentary on last night, go to No Fact Zone which has lots of goodies about the shows last night. There is also an amusing live blog of TDS here


Well, I was going to stay up last night and live blog the return of The A Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report but I was so tired that I just watched them instead. Here are my initial thoughts, before reading any other commentary about the episodes. And btw, there is a beautiful sunrise happening outside of my office window right now. Yes, it is 7 AM.

A Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • I’ve missed these shows so much. I was so giddy with excitement when the ADS music came on.
  • I love the idea of doing A Daily Show instead of The Daily Show due to the lack of writers. I hope Stewart & Co. keep that going. Very funny.
  • The strike unibrow was hilarious and Stewart looked really freaky in it. Did anyone else notice him wearing more makeup (more eyeliner) than normal? Or was the lighting just different?
  • Jon did a really good job with the opening segment talking about the writers and the campaigns. It was very obvious that he was not going off of a script and his stand-up skills really came in. I got a kick out of how much he cracked himself up.
  • And bless him for hardly ever hiding his frustration. In true TDS form, he let both sides have it, pointing out the ridiculousness of the producers and the stubborness of the WGA. I’ll have more on that later (re: go look at Deadline Hollywood Daily).
  • What was with all the AIDS jokes? And the 9/11 joke was really funny though I don’t think the audience thought so as much. My post title has the punchline but Stewart basically says that, after 9/11, the shows were off for about a week. The strike has caused them to be off for 9 so the WGA strike is 9 times sadder than 9/11. Something like that. Horrible, hilarious joke. I wonder how long he had that one in his pocket.
  • Good for that Seeber guy coming on and talking about strikes and unions. It must be so hard for these guests to come on these shows.
  • I love that the Moment of Zen was the strikers picketing the studio outside. It is kind of a “fuck you” to everybody.
  • It was so nice to have Jon back on my TV

The Toss

  • How effing awesome was that that they did a toss?! Stephen Colbert’s strike beard was hilarious and he cracked Jon up so bad. Thank God neither had real strike beards. I don’t think I could have handled that.

 The Colbert Report

  • It is absolutely amazing how polished Stephen’s opening segment was. His skills at improv and performing were never put to better use and he was really good, as if he were going off of a script which I’m sure he wasn’t. Outline maybe, but not a script. He came off as much more polished than Jon which is just the way it should be.
  • I can’t decide how much of that 10 minute standing ovation he got at the top of the show was the audience and how much of it was the crew telling them to cheer for a gag on the show. It was funny regardless and there were times when it seemed that Stephen was genuinely taken aback by it.
  • God, I’ve missed that ear.
  • I did start to get bored by the constant archival footage. They did a good job of going back and forth, but it was getting a little old, especially considering the show went a couple minutes long.
  • The Word was hilarious. That’s going to suck not having that segment on the show during the strike.
  • At first, Stephen seemed to be wearing the character very thin, at times it seemed that he wasn’t even in character. As the show kept going, the character got more and more pronounced. Was it ever clarified whether or not he can do the show in character and not break strike rules? Just because he called himself Colbert with a hard “t” doesn’t get rid of that on-air character. I don’t know.
  • Really liked the show as a whole. Very funny

It was wonderful to watch these shows again. I can’t help but wonder how they are going to do this every night. These two hosts are going to be exhausted…more than usual. Off to read what others thought. Did any of you watch? Thoughts?

EDITED TO ADD: I could be wrong on the quote in the post title. Some sites are saying “worse than.” Just going off of memory.

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