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Not amused

So, I get home a couple weeks ago to find a note under my door from my realtor saying that I had until January 15th to call and say whether or not I’m renewing the lease. Yeah, my lease ends at the end of May. This is January. I’m annoyed and I wait until a couple days before to call and tell them that I will be moving. Whatever, right?

I come home today to find another note under my door, this time from First Choice Realty, saying that these previous letters were not real and that we should not respond to them. Um, okay. We were supposed to respond a week and a half ago. And I didn’t even go through First Choice Realty, I went through Boston’s Best Realty. I feel like everyone is screwing me over.

Now I’m feeling like I was taken for a ride by this earlier letter and that I did not in fact have to tell them I was moving. I’ve been reading some reviews of various companies online and there’s nothing but bad about both of these places, such as realtors showing up at all hours and refusing to leave until you let them in to show the apartment and if you aren’t there, leaving your door unlocked. Something tells me this will get bad once we head into April/May. I think my strategy is just to let them in if I’m here and able to and just put up with it. Maybe if I don’t cause a fuss, they won’t cause a fuss and we can all just get along with this. Is that naive or what?

Whatever. I have decided to start looking for apartments now. I know it is way too soon, but I’m going to make sure that I make a smart decision this next time and I will def. try to not go through a realtor. And if I have to deal with some pushy assholes from realtor companies until then, so be it. I know I’ll be carefully hiding anything that is valuable to me that I can.

Makes me feel that much more confident that I’m making the right decision to leave this place. Such a shame, because on the surface it is a nice enough apartment.

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