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The Super Bowl is one week from tomorrow. Definitely expect to see lots of articles, interviews, photos, and other random things related to the Super Bowl on here in the coming week.

Right now, I’d like to focus on what has to be the biggest mystery to have hit New England since <enter big New England mystery here, I’m not big on NE history>: Where the hell is Tom Brady? Let’s go through this past week. Sunday’s game, he limps off the field in the second half. Monday, Brady is seen (by everybody thanks to TMZ) wearing a boot on his right foot. He doesn’t deny an injury on Boston’s WEEI Sports Radio that morning but says he will be ready for the Super Bowl. Family members say the high ankle sprain is not serious. Tuesday, New York erupted with insulting headlines against Brady, calling him a pansey and all that. He then disappears from all public. Thursday, he does not participate in practice, Friday he does not participate in practice that the media could see.

Interesting side bits to this. Bill Belichick teases reporters at the press conference on Thursday, playing coy about Brady’s participation in practice. He actually says he does not know if he’ll be there. Yeah right. Almost all of the Patriots questioned about Brady have had a comical or smart-ass response to give. Apparently there is now a quarterback controversy going on between the two likely candidates: Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth. See this Globe article: Brady Takes a Pass for their comments. Perhaps the most interesting of all is this picture from the same article of Brady’s locker on Friday.


Brady’s pants and shoes are right there, implying that he could be somewhere in the stadium – without his pants on. 🙂

So here’s my theory on all this and it is a pretty obvious one. Brady has a legitimate high ankle sprain that might have been a little sore on Sunday. Bill Belichick pulls Brady aside and says “Hey, as long as you’re going to New York, why don’t you wear this boot on your foot so that New York will think something is wrong?” His motivation for this? He has an excuse to keep Brady out of the media-available practices. This would mean they could work on top-secret plays and what not. Brady is obviously practicing with the Pats when the media is not around. Whether he was injured or not, he would still be at the stadium/practice field watching on and studying film and so forth. Plus, Belichick and the other players would not be cracking jokes, especially not with reporters, if it was more serious than a little ouchy that Brady’s smoking hot girlfriend probably made feel better real fast. This also causes distraction for New York.

Either that, or Brady is trapped beneath a huge pile of Wriststrong bracelets that Colbert Nation has flooded him with. Extremely possible as we’re those people are crazy.

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Lots going on

Man alive, there is a lot going on right now. Here’s a peak of my to-do/goings on list for the week:

  • pick up package at post office – not as easy as it sounds considering office hours
  • clean entire apartment
  • Longwood Players’ Cabaret Night – Saturday night
  • Opera House all day on Sunday
  • Friend coming to town Monday through Wednesday
  • grocery
  • laundry
  • LOST!!!!!! Very very excited.
  • Dinner next Friday night
  • Must find new apartment
  • Possibly thinking about moving to either New York or Washington D.C.
  • Start early spring cleaning
  • She Loves Me work – too much to mention here
  • Spruce up resume, just in case since my company was just sold
  • Get better as I woke up this morning still feeling sick 😦

Hey, you can rest when you’re dead, right? Oye. Another picture to keep me calm. Do you think Elizabeht Bennet was so busy?


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