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Yes Please!

Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are touring in Rent starting next January! I would pay so much to see that. Here’s the article:

Pascal and Rapp Will Tour in Rent in 2009


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LOST 4.5 “The Constant”



This episode of Lost should have been called “The Mindfuck” instead of “The Constant”. My God in Heaven, did anyone understand what the hell was going on in that episode? First, before anything else, can the men on Lost be any hotter? Henry Ian Cusick is effing hot! I loved that short hair and clean face. Ooh baby.

Okay, episode. There were so many things in this episode that I think I missed that I don’t even know how much I can say about it. Here’s my weekly rundown – off the top of my head:

  • I’ll admit it. I was crying at the end of this episode. When Desmond told Penny that he loved her, I was a mess. I kept saying over and over again “Desmond, don’t die. Desmond, don’t die.” Thank goodness he didn’t.
  • I really thought that Minkowski guy was going to be a major player in these episodes, given that he was played by a relatively well-known actor. Guess I was wrong on that, huh?
  • How does everyone know about this island? Daniel Faraday from 1996 sure did seem to know what island Desmond was talking about.
  • THE AUCTION! The Black Rock set sail in the 19th century? Mr. Widmore bought the journal that was written by :::gasp::: somebody Hanso? Was this already known and I just forgot? That whole scene I need to watch again. Did that dude say something about Madagascar?
  • I think we now have a third category of Lost episode: the flashsideways. You can’t really call this a flashback.
  • C’mon, it has to be Michael on that boat. But why would Michael smash up all the equipment? Why would Michael be working for Ben? Of course, why would Sayid be working for Ben?
  • Someone mentioned to someone that this whole mind time travel thing has happened numerous times before – sometimes days, sometimes years. This of course means that people have at least tried to get to the island for years. Yet the Others and Dharma seemed to come with no issues before? Why did the plane people not experience it as well? Oh wow, could this be the “sickness” that was alluded to so much in the beginning of the series? ETA: I apparently am not the only one thinking this. There is discussion about it on the TWOP forums.
  • So that is what Daniel was doing with the cards. He is going through the mind time warp also? Or is he? What a weird guy.
  • Poor rat.
  • The doctor on the boat, I’m pretty sure, is the same evil doctor that was on Angel Season 5 who gave Gunn the mind-boost and ultimately set him up to kill Fred. It is amazing the parallels between the Buffyverse and Lost. I realize that alot of the same creators work/worked on both. Seriously, whole books could be written on this. Plus, Matthew Fox looks like a very skinny version of David Boreanez.
  • Those boat people were so angry that Sayid and Desmond were there. Hmmm.
  • Where the hell was Ben? 😦
  • If Michael is on the boat, does that mean Walt is on the boat? Or is he really on the island?
  • That episode was so mind-fucking. Wow. I can’t even remember half of it now.
  • Can Juliet please die sometime soon? And why is Charlotte so angry? Why is Lost incapable of creating good female characters, with the exception of Penny. I like Penny. And Rousseau is pretty cool.
  • So the boat was headed to the island and then turn direction cause people were getting mind-warped? Did I get that right?

Need to watch again. In the meantime, something to ponder: next week’s episode is titled “The Other Woman”. Interesting.

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You guys, this movie actually looks good! I loved the teaser trailer last summer, was less thrilled with the first trailer, and now ADORE this second trailer. I’m sure most of you have seen it already, but take a look. Cannot wait for this!

Get Smart

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Starbucks Shower

Okay, I’m not smart enough to put the actual video on here, but this is a link to the Comedy Central Motherload so that you can watch this at some point. The end is disturbing (and HOT) to say the least:

Stephen’s Starbucks Shower

ETA: Some lovely person out there screencapped the video and I hope they don’t mind me snatching one. One of my favs:


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Raise your hand internet hand if you started to tear up by the end of Biggest Loser: Couples last night, despite your better wishes. There’s no question I did. From the previews last week up until the weigh-in this week, we all knew that the blue team was going to lose and send someone home. Everything was pointing in that direction and even the first hour of the show last night kept repeating “but will such & such ruin the weigh-in for the blue team?”

Duh! They went to freaking Vegas! Last week, the four guys lost a combined total of over 50 pounds. No way were they going to lose big this week. Although, I certainly expected them to lose more than, what was it? 20 pounds? C’mon. I was so impressed with the  black team, though what’s her name (in the team with Bernie) is getting a little whiny. If I had to pick, Bernie is now my favorite person on the show. And that is because…

They kicked off my favorite guy! I was quite upset about this. Granted, Mark only lost 1 pound at the weigh-in but it was clear that he was working the hardest of all of them (while injured remember) and in Vegas he was the most well-behaved and disciplined. By the way, the tattoo thing was crazy. Dan’s mother is going to kill him! Anyway, I felt so bad for Mark when he only lost a pound. Clearly he didn’t believe it himself. And then Roger had to go and be a jerk about it and pressure Mark into sacrificing himself.

And so started the sobfest. I admit that I was laughing during almost the entire half-hour of crying that Mark, Jay, Roger and Dan did while making the decision on who to kick off. It is interesting that the blue-team eliminations usually have tears flowing while the black team eliminations are much colder. Four grown men balling their eyes out. It was really pathetic to be honest. And then came the scene with Mark and his brother Jay and I completely lost it. I went from laughing to having tears roll down my cheeks in about a minute. It was all so sad by the end of it.

I really thought Mark was going to win this whole thing, right from the beginning. I guess the injury didn’t help. But my God did you see him on the little tag! He is so skinny now! That was a total shock. The dude looks amazing. I even liked his beard. I’d say he’s the frontrunner for the biggest loser at home contest now.

Next week: no more teams! Go Bernie! 🙂

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I’m not going to be careful with Season Four information already aired so if you haven’t seen the first four episodes of Season 4, I would not read on. If you have, please do. Once again, I’m in the dark about what is going to happen from here on out.


  • So is Aaron one of the Oceanic Six? From everything we’ve seen, these six people are hugely famous and well-known. It would seem to me that something like that would not include a baby only a couple of months old if I’m guessing the time right. And think about it, if Aaron is one of the 6, that means Sun and Jin together cannot be. They’re who I was betting on to complete the group.
  • Do you think we are done with the flashbacks? I thought they were going to intermix the flashforwards and the flashbacks but, with the exception of episode 4×2 “Confirmed Dead”, we’ve had nothing but the FF’s. If this is the case, then we know all we need to know about people like Locke which I find hard to believe. We at least have to get some flashbacks from the Others right? Ben’s story certainly hasn’t been finished.
  • Speaking of Yoda, this thought just came to me while reading a fairly weird theory over at the TWOP forums about Ben being a virgin (um, back that one up please). I can’t believe I never made this connection before: Ben’s mom died giving birth to him and now Ben lives on an island where no woman can survive pregnancy. We don’t know if that was a problem before Ben came (remember all the kids on the island in the Ben flashback episode? Annie?) so what if women can’t bring a pregnancy to term because Ben is on the island?
  • I really don’t think Annie is dead. I could be all wet on that one, but it seems to me that it is too good an opportunity to pass up to have Annie alive somewhere on the island or off it for Ben to mysteriously run into some episode.

 Okay, that was it. The Ben theory (bullet 3) was the big one I was thinking about. 🙂

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Hey guys! You’re gonna hear me talk a lot about this for the next month. The show I’m working on right now is She Loves Me, a musical romantic comedy inspired by the play that inspired the classic James Stewart film The Shop Around the Corner and the more recent guilty pleasure movie You’ve Got Mail! It is a really cute musical and the talent we have in this thing will knock your socks off!

If you’re interested in coming – which I hope you are – please let me know and purchase your tickets through me ahead of time. The show plays April 4-5 and 10-12 at 8pm .  There is also a matinee on April 12 at 2pm. Tickets are $19 for Orchestra, $25 for Table Seats. $3 student discount ( 🙂 ). The show is at the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre in Central Square, Cambridge Ma.

Honestly, this is an enjoyable show. I hope you all can come!

ETA: If anyone would like to push the show on their own livejournal or blog, that’s fine with me too! hint, hint. 🙂

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