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My application was approved today so this week I am signing my lease for an apartment in Arlington! I’m so excited. Arlington seems to be an awesome place, safe and hip, close to the city but far enough out that it has a suburban feel. The apartment is fantastic (described in a previous post) and I can’t wait.

Here’s an article from Boston.com about Arlington. Thanks to Katie for finding it and for persuading me to look in Arlington!

Arlington is hottest place in Eastern Mass.


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The Right Stuff

OH MY GOD! New Kids on the Block are reuniting!!!! According to People.com, they are reuniting and will be on the Today show this Friday. All 5 original members!!!! Please someone put this on YouTube.

I was always a Jordon fan myself. 🙂


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This post has nothing to do with anything but it is my case for what I believe to be one of the best sitcoms ever to grace the television screen: Wings. Fine, insert your scorn here but you all who don’t appreciate this show are missing out! A superb ensemble cast combined with witty and hilarious writing made Wings a show about characters the viewers got to know and care about. When Joe and Helen finally get together how could you not be happy? The show, which ran from 1990 to 1997, was consistently good from start to finish (with the exception of a few episodes of course). I along with my father have been long-time fans of the show. I remember watching the reruns on USA Network in middle and high school during the summer. It would play at 11 and 11:30 am every weekday. 🙂 So in honor of the show I continue to watch every morning at 7:30am on TV Land, here are my favorite moments from the show. I sincerely hope some of you out there know what I’m talking about. 🙂 And for the record, Joe Hackett (Tim Daly) was always my favorite character. Big surprise.

Note: I don’t know episode titles, sorry.

5. Helen drives into Joe’s office, circa early Season 2 – Helen and Joe had been dating and then Helen moved to New York for a few months. When she gets back, she learns Joe has started seeing someone else. She gets pissed and drives her jeep into Joe’s office, demolishing it. It happens a second time an episode or two later.

4. Joe and Helen’s Wedding, ending of Season 6 – Hysterical episode in which everything that can go wrong with a wedding does. Brian and Casey sleep together so are completely unable to help Joe and Helen get ready for the ceremony. Joe ends up with his hand stuck in the toilet to save Helen’s ring and Helen ends up with a Hitler-esque marker mustache. The ceremony takes place in the bathroom with Joe literally stuck in the toilet. So funny.

3. Dreams of a plane crash, either last or second to last season – Joe dreams that he dies while flying his plane and it just becomes a whole episode of different dreams. I don’t know why I remember this one so well, but I remember it being very funny. There’s some argument about there being a TV in the bedroom as well? I don’t know, that season isn’t on DVD yet. 🙂

2. The one where Helen gets her wisdom teeth out, early in the series – All the guys are getting together for the big game but Joe has to stay home with Helen as she recovers from a dental procedure. He tries to do both at the same time and it doesn’t work very well. Really good Tim Daly episode – although they all were.

1. Helen’s birthday, season one I think – Joe and Brian fight for Helen’s attention by buying her increasingly expensive birthday presents. While Brian ends up getting her a stero system, Joe gives her his late mother’s cameo pin which Helen only realizes after Joe leaves. For Joe/Helen fans, the moment is priceless.

There are so many more goodies in this show, like the one where they all join a video-dating service, Joe’s stalker from high-school that recreates the prom in her basement, anything with Lowell, the crazy suicidal guy at Christmas. I love this show so much!

One of my favorite jokes from the show and I don’t know if it is from somewhere else or not. Told by Joe:

A guy goes into a doctor’s office and the doctor asks him what’s wrong. The guy says “I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam, I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam.”

The doctor says “You’re too tense.”



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BREAKING NEWS! For me anyway. I found my “perfect” apartment today. I’ve already put the security deposit down and am just waiting for my application to be accepted. I’ll find out early next week about that.

You guys, this place is sooooo nice! It is a one bedroom with big living room and a little space that could fit a table or a desk. The kitchen is not only full size, it is HUGE. Tons of cabinets and countertops, dishwasher, full sized electric stove. The unit has  built in a/c in the living room, heat/hot water included, decent sized bathroom (a little small and it is green), two big closets. On the second but top floor of a building complex and the bedroom and living room face out so it is very private. I met one half of the married Supers and she is amazingly nice. Oh and the bedroom/living room has wall to wall carpet. No evidence of mice or bugs. You have to go outside to do laundry but it is just downstairs. Best part? It is only $50 more a month than I what I pay now. No, I’m not kidding. When I walked into the place, I seriously asked the woman if this was really only $1050 and she confirmed it. Crazy huh? I had the same feeling first seeing this place that I did with our apartment at 18 Cummings. It is just amazing.

And it is in Arlington Heights.


Now, before you go saying that Arlington Heights is completely unworkable for a person without a car (did I mention the apartment comes with a parking spot?), hear me out. The bus stop for about 4 different buses (including the #77 to Harvard, one to Alewife, and one that goes right past my office. Of course, by the time I move in, the office will have moved downtown) is less than a five minute walk from the apartment, which would be Mass Ave and there are tons of shops and that kind of thing around. The building itself sits right on the bike path that goes through Somerville and Cambridge and there are trees everywhere. The major drawback is the grocery which is a fair walk from the place in the summer and I can’t imagine it in winter. But that can be worked with.

So that’s that. I really hope this goes through as this place is so nice for that rent. I just hope people will still come visit me all the way out there. But if you think about it, it really isn’t that different from a crowded B-line train or having to transfer from one T to the other. And those Link passes work on the buses.


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LOST 4.9

Okay, I was bad. I’m sorry but I just had to find out who the next episode was about. That’s absolutely all I know, I swear. I don’t even know if it is right as the site I read it on seemed to be a little iffy. We’ll see.

Ugh, so long until April 24th!!!

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Okay, sorry to complain so much on here but today seriously sucked and the next two weeks don’t look to be any better. I’m getting really frustrated with the whole apartment thing, I’m continually worried about money – even though I don’t have to be right now, I can’t seem to say no to people so I have myself scheduled out the wazoo and to top it all off, today I felt so insignificant and unimportant at work that I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

I guess we all have bad days, but this one just sucked. The only cool part of it was that I got an invite to the “Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education” because I donated to it last time. Cheapest seat = $500. Uh, might just send a donation instead. 🙂 Comedy Central is airing it live on April 13th. Good lineup this time.

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Power Albums

You all know I’m a big believer in mood music – either albums that put me in a certain mood or match the mood I’m already in.

Well, I went and got my hair done last night (a whopping $140 bucks but it was worth every penny and every second of the two hours it took) so I feel pretty good this morning, strong and confident. So rarely do I think I look halfway decent that when I do I like to listen to something that frees me up a little. For the past 9 months, Amy Winehouse Back to Black has been that go-to album.

I don’t care if she’s really popular now or has personal issues, this album fuckin’ rocks. My favorite song at the moment is “You Know I’m No Good” and when you have heels on, walking through Harvard Square to this song, you can’t help but feel unstoppable. I love “Back in Black” and “Tears Dry On Their Own” also.

If you don’t have this album, you are really missing out.

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