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Random Musings

  • Yesterday morning, a group of about 15 preschoolers boarded the #66 bus to Harvard. They got on after all the seats were taken so the whole group crammed into the back. Overhearing their  conversations was really funny. One kid was trying to explain to another kid what the word “murder” meant. He wasn’t right.
  • Speaking of the #66, buses aren’t allowed to drive into Harvard Square for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Final confirmation that me moving to Arlington is a good idea.
  • Anyone else think that America is going to shit right now? All you need to do is look at the headlines on Yahoo – and that’s Yahoo! – to know things aren’t going well. American death toll in Iraq at a 7 month high, people selling possessions just to pay the bills, the first quarter saw virtually no growth, and the three people trying to become our next leader are bogged down by silly media hype. I have to wonder though if at least part of this isn’t fear mongering from the media and/or administration to take our focus off of the incredible clusterfuck that is Iraq.
  • They are tearing down the two buildings next to my office so I’ve watched them to preliminary drilling all morning. Really fascinating work but I’ve been a little nervous that this giant crane right next to my window is going to come crashing down on me.
  • Ruth is coming tonight to see Drowsy Chaperone. I hope she likes it. It will be nice to spend time alone with her. We rarely do that anymore. Should be fun.
  • After finishing My Sister’s Keeper an crying for an entire evening about it, I’ve decided to reread an old childhood favorite Anne of Green Gables. There is just nothing wrong with this book.
  • I’m now in a panic over moving. I was sitting in my living room last night, packing up some boxes and watching Family Guy, and realized that I still have so much to move over to Arlington. I don’t know why I’m getting stressed about it. Not like everything has to be moved by next Thursday when the movers come but it feels that way.

Finally, everytime I look at this picture, I laugh out loud. I have it as my desktop on my work computer right now. Good thing the boss is in Texas.


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Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are expecting! Am I the last to know this? That’s so cute. 🙂

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I just took one of these quizzes on BuddyTV.com and I got Stanley! That made me laugh really loud. I answered as honestly as I could.

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Okay, I know I should be cutting back on the amount of soda I drink. I know this and some days are better than others. But when your office has a soda machine and you are willing to pay $1.25 for a drink instead of going out in pouring rain, you expect to get a drink that is…drinkable.

For the third time, I went to get a diet soda from the machine and the product I got was expired. Do you know how long it takes a bottle of soda to expire? Quite a while. Meaning they are not maintaining this machine yet they (as in the company that owns this building that I no longer work for) will be using my $3.75 to their benefit.

I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. Not only did I waste money in hopes that someone would have paid attention when I put a sign up last Monday clearly stating that the soda was expired (the sign was not on today), but now I still have 3 hours of work with nothing to drink but crappy dirty water from a fountain that they don’t ever have cleaned.


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So I worked a shift at the Opera House tonight where The Drowsy Chaperone is playing. Normally during an assistant house manager shift, I’ll watch a number or two from the back of the orchestra then go to the lobby and read or talk on the phone until the show is over. Tonight was the first time all season that I stayed in the back for about 97% of the performance. Basically I watched the show again and got paid to do it.

I loved it every bit as much as I did last Wednesday night. I really do encourage all of you to go see it, whether here in Boston or elsewhere (Jonathan Crombie is slated to be Man in Chair until at least San Fransisco at the end of the summer). I laughed out loud so many times that I think I was annoying the people in the last row.

Jonathan Crombie was just as amazing as he was Wednesday. This time I went extra fangirly and shifted all of my focus on him, as the cover of darkness at the back of the theater kept me well hidden. I got all excited when he said “sorry” (which one of my coworkers admitted to getting excited about also so it isn’t just you and me, Mom). And at the end of the show, he came back on stage to announce the BC/EFA benefit in the lobby and we all got to hear his real Canadian accent. ::::slaps hand::: pull it together me.

Seriously I’m becoming a groupie of this show – or at least I’ll be one once it leaves. I work it two more times and am going to see it as a patron again with Ruth this coming Wednesday. Sometimes my job rules. 🙂 And yes, that is me gloating. Don’t worry, it won’t last long.

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Spoiler Warning – if you haven’t watched the latest Lost episode, don’t read this.

So many things happened last night but I want to talk briefly about two events that have essentially redefined the character of Ben.

1. He watched as that Keamy guy shot his daughter in the head, execution style. I mean, my God! That was the hardest of hard core scenes we’ve had on Lost.  I think it is pretty obvious that Ben did not think his daughter would die as he thought that Widmore was still playing by the rules. What those rules are is a huge mystery. Doesn’t excuse the fact that he stood inside that window and did not save his daughter.

And to add insult to serious injury, the last thing she heard as she died was her father denying her as his daughter, as a person he cares for. I believe he called her a “pawn” – which is exactly what she ended up being in our story. I don’t believe for a second that Ben believed what he was saying. It has been proven again and again that Alex was the one person who could affect Ben on a human level. Him breaking down after she died is really the first time we’ve seen true emotion from this character.

So here’s the question: Did Ben kill his daughter? In the previous episode, he told Michael that no one had told him to kill Ana Lucia and Libby, he made that decision on his own. We all know that Michael had been persuaded to go to extremes though. Doesn’t excuse his actions but there is more blame to go around. It is kinda the same thing happening here. Ben didn’t pull the trigger but he didn’t stop the guy from shooting Alex when he could have, even though the consequences would have been major. If Ben really didn’t think Alex would die, then he was willing to at least put her in a very dangerous, life-threatening situation instead of sacrificing himself. This could lead into a dozen pyschological examinations of the character of Ben – incapable of love and so forth – but I’ll save that for my own thoughts I guess. We do know that this is one extremely disturbed man. Which leads me to…

2.  Ben’s little speech to Charles Widmore, vowing that he will find his daughter Penelope Widmore and kill her so that Widmore will know what Ben is going through. So many things here. First, why not just shoot the damn guy? Ben’s standing right there in Widmore’s bedroom and yet claims that he can’t kill him. But he can kill his daughter in revenge. I think this means that, like with Juliet, Ben has lost sight a bit of the big picture, concerning himself more with the personal issues he’s dealing with.

Second, what is this history that Widmore and Ben have? It certainly seemed that this was not the first time they had met (no introductions to my memory) and there was huge tension between them. Widmore called Ben “boy” implying that Ben had been subordinate to Widmore at some point. But if Widmore is Dharma, why can’t he find the island? What did he mean when he told Ben that Ben wouldn’t be able to get back? Widmore also said “I know who you are. I know what you are.” What the hell does that mean? Was it one of those “you’re a monster” things or something more?

And finally (for now), Ben is vowing to kill Penelope Widmore. Penelope Widmore is the true love of Desmond. And in the last great episode of Season 4, “The Constant”, the two seemed to be on the track to reconciliation. We all cried and declared Desmond and Penny to be the show’s true supercouple. They are certainly the ones I’m rooting for. Ben is my favorite character, and not in the I love to hate him way, but I actually root for Ben. My favorite character is vowing to kill the girl of my favorite couple. I don’t think I can handle that. I don’t want to hate Ben. I don’t want him to be the bad guy. I don’t want Penny to die. I’m feeling very conflicted.

This whole episode made me question my belief in Ben as a good character. He let his daughter die, watched it right in front of him, and then he’s going to kill another innocent girl – something he swore to Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, and Michael just to name few that he would not do. Craziness. And I love it!


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ETA: Had to split this into two posts as it was getting very long. Be sure to read both.

Wow, I’m still in shock about last night’s episode. I can’t stop thinking about it. Being such a hug big Ben fan (haha), I of course loved this Ben-centric, flash-forward! episode. I really thought the next time we’d get a Ben eppy it would be a flashback about Annie or more about the purge. To get a flash forward was amazing. The whole episode was amazing. Very action packed, tons of info given and a few more questions asked. So lets get into it. Note: I haven’t looked at anything online yet about the episode so this might not be too insightful yet.


  • As Stephen Colbert would say, :::hand outstretched::: “Emmy please!” Michael Emerson rocked that episode, doing the full range of emotions an actor can do. That might have been the best bit of acting we’ve seen on this show. And yes, I am biased.
  • The Freighties killed Danielle and Karl and it seems like they really are dead. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof said that this episode would tell whether they had survived and since we didn’t see them, I’m guessing they are gone. I’m sure Danielle will pop up still.
  • The Freighties, thus Charles Widmore, don’t want Ben dead, they just want him captured. Though they are fairly careless as Ben could have been in Claire’s home when it blew up.
  • Ben has lost touch with Jacob as has Locke but Hurley has not, meaning Jacob is a comer-and-goer.
  • Jack is not looking good.
  • Bernard knows morse code so the story Daniel Faraday and C.S. Lewis are telling is bs. And they never intended to rescue anyone.
  • Miles is clearly working for himself
  • Sawyer and Hurley are the show’s best couple, especially when you had the baby in. Sawyer has become the protector and it is a role that suits him really well.
  • Ben controls the smoke monster – or at least can control the smoke monster – meaning he a) lied to Locke which isn’t surprising and b) has a lot of explaining to do about that one.
  • Alex is dead. Holy crap, Alex is dead. That was one of the most hardcore scenes we’ve ever had on this show. I really didn’t think that Keamy guy would shoot her. And with Ben watching!
  • Widmore and Ben have some kind of history that we all don’t understand yet, including this mysterious set of rules that Ben keeps referring to. These apparently include not killing family members?
  • Sayid marries Nadia and then she gets killed in Los Angeles. All within less than a year. That was interesting. I loved how they let go of that information instead of making it a huge love story episode – though maybe we’ll still get that.
  • Sayid is working for Ben as revenge for Nadia’s death, at least as far as we know, and not because of blackmail or for the rest of the people on the island.
  • Ben didn’t leave with the Oceanic 6 since Sayid didn’t know he was off the island.
  • Ben can time travel. Tons of clues about this one. He wakes up in the middle of Tunisia wearing a Dharka – a parka with the Dharma logo on it (see questions) – and is quite startled and doesn’t know where he is. He wouldn’t have been wearing such heavy clothes on the island, keep in mind. He was holding some weird little metal thing. He asked that lady what the date was and the year. For the record, I believe it was October 22, 2005. I’m sure there’s more….
  • The big fences around New Otherton – different codes do different things.

The list of the awesomeness that is Benjamin Linus:

  • Playing piano while sitting on a really big gun
  • Speaking how many different languages?
  • Smokin’ hot in that suit at the end
  • Beating the crap out of those guys at the beginning but being totally charming when he needs to be
  • Totally playing Sayid

OKay, I’m sure there’s more but that’s it for now. Next up is plot lines that were developed and wrapped up in this episode…stay tuned.



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