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Ever have one of those moments when you discover that you have either been horribly naive or terribly gutter-minded? So I’m in my kitchen this evening, making dinner and singing along to one of my favorite shows, Into the Woods. For those of you that don’t know, this musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine is a comedy combining a bunch of different fairytale characters. It’s a lot more than that “but that’s another story. Anyway…” (song lyric from the show!)

I get to the song called “I Know Things Now”, sung by Little Red Riding Hood after she first meets the Big Bad Woolf – the very sexually charged Big Bad Woolf who happenes to be played by the same actor that plays Cinderella’s Prince Charming, and not my mistake. I always thought this song was just about a girl getting lost in the woods but something made me think otherwise tonight. Here’s some lyrics:

“And he showed me things,/many beautiful things,/that I hadn’t thought to explore./They were off my path,/so I never had dared./I had been so careful,/I never had cared./ And he made me feel excited – /well, excited and scared.”

I mean, there is a fair bit of innuendo in there right? Or am I just imagining it and being a creepster? Here’s some more:

“When he said ‘Come in!’/with that sickening grin,/how could I know what was in store?/Once his teeth were bared/though, I really got scared-/well, excited and scared-/But he drew me close/and he swallowed me down,/down a dark slimy path/where lie secrets that I never want to know…”

C’mon, that’s gotta be a double meaning for this song, right? The whole loss of innocence thing? Ick, I feel yucky even thinking it. Hopefully I’m wrong and it was just the steam from the pasta messing with my head.

Right? :::goes to hide in shame:::

And btw, Into the Woods has some of the best lyrics of any musical –¬†ever.

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I don’t care what the reviews say, I loved Get Smart. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I thought Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart was perfect – and I mean PERFECT! He was so much fun to watch! His comedic timing is, without a doubt, among the best in the business but I really enjoyed seeing him kick so much butt too! It was kinda hot. ūüôā And my I just say, I notice this every movie he is in, but I love Steve Carell’s nose. It is so big and cute. Is that weird? I like big noises, so sue me.

I thought Anne Hathaway did really good job with Agent 99. She was strong and kicked some major arse but also was vulnerable enough to fall for Max. Alan Arkin was great as was the Dwayne Johnson.

Sure, the story was a little weak and there were lots of holes, but what do you want from a summer action/comedy made from a TV show? Of all the movies to come from television, this is one of the better ones. It was consistently funny, hardly had any boring spots and was an enjoyable watch. This is the kind of movie I would repeatedly watch on a boring weekend afternoon. Plus, I love me some Steve Carell and in Get Smart, I think we got the best of him. He was made for this character. I wish he had been given a bit stronger stuff to do but oh well. I already want to see it again. ūüôā

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the Q&A with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway on Itunes – moderated by Stephen Colbert – you are missing out. It’s really funny.

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Wall-E! – Review

I’ll echo all of the other reviews out there in saying that Disney Pixar really can do no wrong and while I think Finding Nemo will always be my favorite, their latest film is amazing. Wall-E was so engaging, funny, touching, and exciting to watch I can’t even believe it was an animated¬†G-rated film for kids. With barely any dialogue and incredible animation, the film follows little robot Wall-E in a post-apocalyptic world that had been run down by commerical overlords. The message of the whole piece is to appreciate the little treasures we have, such as bubble wrap and movie musicals, and to protect mother earth.

Honestly, if you haven’t seen this movie, you need to. It kept the attention of both kids and adults¬† throughout and that little robot is the cutest thing since…well, since Nemo. I’m not ashamed to say I teared up a little.

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I took another adventure today and went to the Burlington Mall this afternoon to do some clothes shopping. What I thought would be your average mall turned out to be one of the poshest malls I’ve ever been to. First, the bus passed through all these gorgeous neighborhoods with huge houses that had big lawns and expensive cars parked out front.

We get to the¬†mall after passing a bunch of nice looking shopping plazas and my¬†jaw¬†drops. The Burlington Mall is¬†freakin’ huge!¬†Forget Cambridgeside. I go in and am overwhelmed at first as to where to even try to go. There are very expensive department stores like Norstrom’s and Lord & Taylor’s and then¬†there is¬†probably the nicest Macy’s I’ve ever seen (besides the one¬†in NYC) and definitely the nicest Sears I’ve¬†ever seen. The food court is spotless white¬†with a huge skylight and pretty good choices. They have a Chik-Fila, which I¬†haven’t seen since leaving Ohio, so I¬†ate there and enjoyed it a¬†whole bunch. ūüôā

I wasn’t all that successful buying clothes as most of the places that¬†had clothes I liked¬†were too expensive for summer wardrobes. Considering I hate summer clothes, I’m not paying 68 dollars for a skirt. Sorry.¬†Eddie Bauer had nice stuff though and¬†almost everything at Sears was half off.

I did do something embarrassing. I went to¬†the Gap, a really nice one, and saw¬†a skirt I¬†just fell in love with. I usually don’t get more than the basic T-shirt at the Gap so I was excited. I went to try it on and thought to myself “this waist band on this skirt is so weird!”¬†Yeah, it was a¬†dress. A sleeveless, strapless dress.¬†Thank¬†God¬†no one knew¬†the mistake I had made. And for the record, I tried the rest of it on and it looked good but¬†you’ll see me in a strapless¬†dress the day hell freezes over.

Anyway, that was my trip. It was about¬†20-25 minutes to get there¬†from Arlington Center which isn’t bad. I definitely want to go back and¬†check out those other shopping plazas, one of which includes a New York & Co.!¬†

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The Colbert/Carell/Hathaway Q&A is now available – free! – on Itunes. You have to subscribe to the Get Smart podcast to get it.

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up! Them singing together is the funniest thing ever.

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Is it wrong that I am so excited to see this movie? I can’t explain it, but all the Wall-E commercials make me laugh so hard. And it’s getting excellent reviews.

Big movie weekend. Laura and I are seeing Wall-E today and Get Smart on Sunday (yay!). I’ll be back with reviews.

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C’mon people, what is it from? I’ll give you two hints: 1. the line is from the finale of the show and 2. “I fart in your general direction!”

So, I made the rounds at the office today to see who was a Broadway fan and who wasn’t. I was pleased to find that most people at least occasionally listen to a musical and a handful are big fans. I quickly tried to get people to agree to some CD swapping and had some moderate success. So this evening, I made a list of all the musicals I have on CD/ITunes.

I had NO idea I had so many. If you count duplicates of shows (original and revival cast recordings) individually, I have about 160 musicals available to listen to. Wow! About 50 of those are copies.

No wonder I need another CD tower! The sad thing is that this is nowhere near an even halfway complete collection. I have zero Rodgers & Hammerstein and most of the classic shows I have are the revival recordings, not the originals. I have very little Off-Broadway and only one foreign language (the French Les Miserables). I wonder if it isn’t time to start planning out albums to add to the collection.

What’s funny is that I honestly listen to maybe about 8 or 9 cds with any regularity and only half of those are shows. It all goes in cycles.

If anyone wants to see the list…and by anyone, I mean people I know, sorry…shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you.

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