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Ooh baby. The partial rough draft that Stephenie Meyer posted on her official site (and has also put on hold indefinitely) called Midnight Sun is, in my opinion, better than all of the Twilight books. It runs through about the first half of the Twilight book but from vampire’s first person instead of the human’s perspective. The result is a thrilling look at the same story. There’s so much more danger and drama and humor involved with Edward’s side of the story. How close he comes to killing Bella in that first meeting. Oh my goodness!

Not that she can hear but Stephenie Meyer, I need to make a desperate plea here. PLEASE FINISH THIS BOOK! Getting to know another side of the story is just fascinating. Not only do we understand Edward better but we get a better take on Bella, seeing how others view her on top of her own warped sense of herself. And really, what girl wouldn’t kill to be able to know what others think of her?

So I’ll say it again. PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry whoever posted the draft illegally upset you but please, please, please finish this.

Thank you. 🙂


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The more I find out about Sarah Palin, VP pick for John McCain, the more angry and/or scared I get. Couple of issues I just found out about that, while compared to Iraq and the economy aren’t much, are issues that I hold VERY strong opinions about.

  • Creationism being taught in schools: She’s for it. That’s a load of bullshit. Creationism has no place in the school system. If parents don’t want their kids taught evolution – the scientifically backed study – then they can take their kids out of the public school system and send them to private school. Or have it be that the kid doesn’t have to go through that class, have an alternative. But don’t make it part of the normal curriculum. I know there are arguments here but I am so against this, I can’t even tell you how much.
  • NRA: She’s a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association. She’s pro-hunting (Huffington Post has a picture of her sitting on a bear carcass)
  • She’s pro-fur and seemingly anti-animal. The whole thing about not making polar bears part of the endangered species list.

And the biggest one is the abortion issue. She is strictly pro-life and when she’s questioned about it, she frequently refers to her latest child as her reason. Born with down syndrome, she insists that every life is precious and she wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Well, Mrs. Palin, we aren’t asking you to trade him or that you not have had him in the first place. We respect that you CHOSE to have your baby. There’s a reason why it is called pro-CHOICE.

I will continue to not understand this debate about abortion. It’s not pro-abortion, it’s pro-choice. It is saying that the government cannot tell a woman what to do with her own body. And unless these pro-lifers want to take in all the unwanted babies that would result from overturning Roe v Wade instead of forcing them into overcrowded adoption homes and challenging foster care systems, I think they should just shut up.

This is just aggravating.

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Wait, the real news here should still be the Obama speech and the high that campaign should be riding today.

But John McCain has dropped a bombshell. Republican Alaskan Governor Sarah Polin has been picked for McCain’s VP slot. She’s 44, has 5 children – the oldest going to Iraq this fall, the youngest born in April, is an ardent pro-lifer, supports drilling in the Alaskan reserves, and…

Yeah, that’s all anyone knows about this woman. This is so out of left field that I almost feel like it is a joke.

And if this is a strategy from the McCain team to get the Hillary supporters who weren’t, for some asenine reason, swayed by Obama this week, it is the most shameless, ruthless display of politics we’ve seen since…well, since 2004 and the swift boat ads or 2000 and the Supreme Court 5-4 ruling for Bush.

And if McCain/Palin wins. And if McCain’s health fails. We get a female president that has less experience than Obama, is staunchly more conservative than Clinton and a Republican that will just carry on the mistakes of the Bush administration.


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Harshing my mellon

Are you fucking kidding me? I know I should be using this space to comment on the historic speech Barack Obama gave last night but I don’t know what I could add to it that would make it even more amazing than it was. So let me instead express my OUTRAGE about something.

Well, go here first: http://stepheniemeyer.com/

Yes, this is about Twilight and I’m so sad and upset right now I can’t even think properly. The 4 book saga ended with Breaking Dawn and the only thing that kept from seriously being depressed that I finished the books was that a 5th book was being worked on called Midnight Sun. This would tell the story of the first book, Twilight, from Edward’s perspective. And since he can read minds, that was a very promising idea.

And now some jerks posted an illegal, unfinished copy of the first 12 chapters online. Meyer, who holds the copyright to her work, is understandably upset and has now put the book on hold…INDEFINITELY!!!!

And that just fucking sucks. As usual, a couple of people ruin it for everyone else. I know it’s just a story, just a book but when you find a story that captures your imagination so much, you don’t want it to end. Even when you disagree with some of the plot points, it doesn’t change your love for the characters or the overall idea.

So Meyer put up an unfinished draft of what she has so far, which is probably all we’ll get for a very long time. Thank God this didn’t happen with Harry Potter. I would have had to get violent I think.

And yes, I am going to read the draft as posted on her website. Oye, I so need to get a life. 🙂

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Spoiler Warning

Just a side note here. It is kinda fun writing on here when I’m pretty sure not many are reading. For some reason, that is really liberating. Anyway.

I’ll have more on my overall reactions and thoughts about Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga but right now, I’d like to focus on the fourth (and final?) book of the series, Breaking Dawn. I just finished the book not ten minutes ago. For those keeping score, I averaged about 3.5 days per book.

I…liked it. Definitely not the best of the series and definitely written in a different tone and style than the others. Looking back, I’d say that the first 3 were the saga and this fourth book was kind of a sequel or an extension of that.

And most of that had to do with our heroine, Bella. Of course we all are rooting for her to turn into a vampire (which in itself is a very confusing feeling for us readers) but once she did – rather early on – Bella wasn’t the Bella we had come to love so much. She was suddenly graceful, strong, and way too perfect at everything. Even though she’s seventeen, I had related a lot to Bella in the first three books, in her clumsiness and social awkwardness. Once she lost all that and become a vampire, all the angst was gone. Any of you who followed the Buffy series understands that the angst is what drives characters like these. Bella was just too good, which a lot of times didn’t make any sense because she could be so dense about things that she would really not be dense about anymore.

I would have liked it a lot more if Bella had struggled when she first became a vampire. If we saw that internal struggle between her newfound evil and what she knew and felt to be morally right. And Edward could have played such a key role to that. Edward, the impossibly perfect leading man, was reduced to lovesick puppy dog who didn’t really live up to his past in the books.

Despite all this, I really enjoyed reading it. There were many times when I was blushing or “oohing” or even crying. I thought the beginning, Book One, was very strong. I enjoyed seeing Bella and Edward get married and the first wedding night – even though Meyer skimmed over it – was fantastic.

And then the story took a nosedive. If it were me writing (which I know it wasn’t), I would have not done the whole Renesme story. It was unnecessary and just way too hokey. Now, had the kid been evil or something like that, maybe I would have liked it a lot better. But the kid, again, was too perfect. I didn’t like how the last half of the book was so much about so many other characters and not enough about Edward and Bella. Their relationship was reduced to happy, cute couple instead of the intensity they had in the first books.

Imagine how great it would have been to see Edward guide Bella through her new world? Why did he stop being her protector? I’m all for female power but there was no struggle for Bella. And struggle is what builds character, what endears us to characters. It’s why we love Edward from the first book so much.

This is how I would have done it, with the first part of the book leading up to the wedding. Charlie and Renee would have thrown more of a hissy fit. Alice would have been even more persistent on wedding plans and all the while, Bella is starting to slightly doubt what she’s doing. She knows that she wants to be with Edward but now other human desires are calling to her a bit. She doesn’t want to get married right away, she doesn’t see the urgency in it and doesn’t see Edward’s point of view. Edward doesn’t get impatient with her while everyone else does. Jacob doesn’t come back for a while – sorry, I never liked that character.

So Bella and Edward get married about midway through the book with the looming threat of the Volturi coming to check on the special ones coming closer and closer (that part I liked though I thought it was a bit anti-climatic). Of course, we get to do the whole wedding night thing. Edward is very nervous of hurting Bella and Bella is just nervous about the whole first time thing.  It happens (we get to have a bit more of it) and Edward does hurt her and that is a big rut for a while.

The Volturi are descending on the Cullens which puts a hold on the turning-Bella thing. Something comes out of that (I’m not a writer, give me a break) and all is well again. Bella is finally deciding, much to Edward’s delight, to stay human a bit longer to go to college and travel a bit. Then disaster hits. Bella is hurt in a freak accident. She’s surely dying. Edward is there. Bella is then given the choice that Edward, Rosalie, Esme, and Emmett didn’t get from Carlisle (thus redeeming that character). As much as Edward doesn’t want her to die, he also doesn’t want to damn her and so forth (an aspect the books barely touched on). In a tear-jerking moment, Bella looks to Edward and says “save me” – parting words that are left up to interpretation because there’s nothing like a good gray area for a saga like this. Edward interprets and turns her into a vampire.

The last part of the book is like what I said way above. We get to see Bella ease into her new life. More temptation from humans, though she never succumbs because I don’t think we readers would forgive her for that. But she does struggle. It would have been funny if she was still clumsy but she learns ways to steady herself better than when she was human. She has fun with her new strength. And while the demon is in here, like it is in all of the vampires, she eventually adapts and it ends happily ever after.

Again, I’m not a writer. But it just seems as if Breaking Dawn got too far away from the characters, the truth of the characters, that we got in the other books. It didn’t seem focused. At times, it echoed of the Anne of Green Gables series that also was more about following the lives of the characters rather than having one central goal to each book.

I’m being too harsh though because I really did enjoy it. I’m so sad that it is over. I cried at the end, not just because Bella and Edward got their happy ending, but because I’ve had so much fun reading these books. It was a great story and because I’m such a sucker for romances, Bella and Edward have joined Anne and Gilbert, Jane and (ha) Edward, and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in my pool of hopelessly idealistic fantasy couples.

…but Eclipse was better. 🙂

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SPOILER WARNING: I’m now to Book Three of the 4th book Breaking Dawn. If you don’t know what happens past 360 pages into that book, don’t read this.

I cannot put this freakin’ book down. I’ve spent the better part of this weekend reading these books and now the 4th one is going by faster than them all. I just started it yesterday afternoon and am already 360 into it. So much as happened and I think I’m only halfway through it.

Breaking Dawn has been a graphic, disturbing book. Not only with all the sex stuff but it got seriously disturbing after that. Humans drinking human blood, weird half-human, half-vampire babies that the werewolf is now in love with? Crazy. And how Bella got turned was one the more disgusting and visually haunting things I’ve read in a very long time. I was kinda hoping for something a bit more romantic than that.

And Edward just keeps getting better. I love the sparring between him and Jacob. So much fun. I guess Jacob is a bit more sympathetic to me now, but that’s probably because we got to be inside his head for 200 pages. Part of me wishes the whole series had been written like that, getting the different viewpoints of characters. Not in chapters but in whole sections as Breaking Dawn is formatted. I hear that Meyer is working on one told from Edward’s perspective which would be quite fascinating.

I don’t see how I’m going to put this book down tonight. I think I read the last 100 pages so fast that I’m sure I missed things. I honestly can’t believe the day is almost gone already. Where does the time go?

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No, I’m not that crazy. I have not gotten to the climax of the last book of the Twilight series yet. But I am crazy enough to have gotten through the first 100 pages of the newly released 4th book, Breaking Dawn.

Let me first say that I loved Eclipse. By far the best of the series – so far. I loved all of the interactions between Edward and Jacob. That book just confirmed by dislike of Jacob even more and I’m so thankful that Bella didn’t choose him. And yes, I teared up when Edward proposed (for real). The whole thing with the crystal heart and his mom’s wedding ring was so freakin’ romantic.

So Bella and Edward just got married. Basically had any girl’s dream wedding. On their honeymoon and of course this is what we readers have been waiting for. This has been an intensely romantic story, all of the juicy details being left between the lines. Bella and Edward decided to wait to consummate their relationship  until their wedding night, one of Bella’s last requests before turning  immortal was to do the sex thing while still human. Edward of course was nervous about this because he’s so much stronger and could kill her real easy if he lost control. BTW, I loved that he partly wanted to wait because of the whole virtue thing. Can this character be any more charming? Seriously, he decapitated and dismembered another vampire with his teeth and still seemed like Prince Charming.

So it’s building and building to the wedding night scene. I knew Meyer wouldn’t get graphic but she SKIPPED OVER THE ENTIRE THING! GAH, do you have any idea how frustrating that is? If you’re reading like me, you are so into these characters, the never ending sexual tension between Bella and Edward and we finally get to the release and the author skips it! Give us something, please! I do like the touch that Bella was basically bruised all over in the morning from the romp in the sheets but now Edward is so upset with himself over it that they are back to being chaste until she’s turned.

I’ve never read a story that focused on such a neurotic, paranoid leading man in my life.

I really love all the romantic literary references Meyer throws in. She’s referenced Anne of Green Gables twice now. Gotta dig that.

I’ve now read about 250 pages today. I know I should stop but I have a sense Bella isn’t staying human too much longer. I think I should keep going.

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