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So I decided to give myself a night off and have spent the past two hours catching up on Pushing Daisies – 2nd season starts tomorrow night. Last year I had seen the first episode and maybe one other one. I remember really liking it but I seemed to never be home or around to watch the show.

Well now I’m watching and I am just in love with this show. I love the fantastical feel of it, the dreamy quality, the witty lines and above everything else, the relationship between Ned and Chuck. I mean, can they BE any cuter? It’s making me melt right to my sofa. And everyone in the show is just wonderful. I freakin’ love that dog.

I hope it can keep the magic going through the second year. I know it didn’t get great ratings last fall. I’m hoping ABC will give it a chance for a little while.

Lee Pace is now added to my list of famous-people crushes.

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Elizabeth Hasselback (sp?) is NOT the wife of Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselback. She is the wife of Tim Hasselback, QB for the Arizona Cardinals (I think he’s a backup). I knew I hadn’t lost my mind on that one.

Other NFL player news: Larry Izzo, special teams captiain for the Patriots, is going to be at the charity walk I’m doing Thursday night. Am I excited?


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“Ghost Town” and More

We went to see Ghost Town, that Ricky Gervais movie, last night and I would definitely recommend seeing it if you haven’t. It was a very cute movie with a handful of really big laughs and a whole bunch more little ones. Gervais made the movie a thousand times better than it would have been otherwise, he draws your attention every time he’s on screen. Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni were also very good as well as Billy Campbell (shout out to you Once & Again fans!) and Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show. Mandvi was very funny as a fellow dentist and it was nice to see him in a role that wasn’t stereotypical. Kristin Wig (sp?) from SNL also was hilarious. The great cast made the somewhat cheesy premise and plot very easy and enjoyable to watch and at about an hour and 40 minutes, the movie is just the right length so you don’t get bored.

Too bad I had decided to put a damper on the entire evening due to my temporary lapse of sanity caused yesterday by my being unable to get closer to the person I’ve been crushing on. On the T ride home, I made a strong effort to get hold of my senses again, to remember that I am a strong, independent person and that I’ve just been deluding myself the past few days. It was fairly disconcerting to realize that what you thought might be possible was just an illusion formed by a brain too drenched in classic romance fairy tales but I’m better now and I refuse to go into “the depths of despair” over something that probably was never there to begin with.

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Top 10 Songs…

…to listen to when you are obsessively thinking about someone.

“On My Own” from Les Miserables

“You Had Me at Hello”

“Love Changes Everything” from Aspects of Love

“I Can Hear the Bells” from Hairspray

“Can’t Help Falling in Love”

“If You’re Not the One”

“This Guy’s in Love with You”

“All By Myself”

“Just When” by Michael Ball

“Crazy” by Patsy Cline

Anyone have others that I could listen to to make myself even more sad and anxious? 🙂

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“a heartbeat away from…”

Every election season we seem to get either a new phrase or a commonly used phrase abundantly used in the media. This year’s phrase, thanks to Governor Sarah Palin, seems to be “a heartbeat away from the presidency.” The phrase has been used before but I can’t remember when it has been used so much in our lifetime. For that matter, I’m not sure it has ever meant as much as it does now in our lifetime.

While I think it is important to remember that Palin is very close to becoming our first female president…excuse me, I just threw up a little… the phrase is now making the rounds in non-political areas. I just read an article on Boston.com about Patriots rookie and backup quarterback Kevin O’Connell. In the article, O’Connell is talked of as being a “heartbeat away from starting quarterback.”

Now, isn’t this a little extreme? In Palin’s case, she’s backing up a 72 year old POW that looks like he might as soon fall asleep as make a speech. I don’t think you can quite put starting QB Matt Cassel in that same scenario.

Like in 2004 with the phrase “flip-flopper”, I would like see “a heartbeat away from…” go away real soon. Before we know it, there will be people out there wearing big rubber hearts protesting against McCain the way some protested against Kerry by wearing giant flip-flops.

I also dislike equating the Patriots to the Palin/McCain ticket because one of those teams I sincerely hope will lose this fall.

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Awake in Arlington

You would think after being so tired all weekend I’d be able to go to sleep with ease on Sunday night. Think again. I laid in bed for hours without falling asleep. I tried watching a movie and that usually does the trick. Nope. I tried watching a tv show which usually I end up falling asleep on the commericals. Nope. I tried lying there in the darkness. Even worse than having the TV on.

The problem was that I couldn’t calm my mind down. So many thoughts kept racing through my head and I just couldn’t forget about any of them. I even resorted to yelling at myself out loud to go to sleep.

So the result is that it is Monday morning, day 8 of my 13 day in a row working spree, and I’m walking around like a zombie. I’m gonna have to drink so many coffees today to even form a sentence, let alone get work done.

The upside to my insomnia is that I finally watched a full episode of Mad Men and I was impressed. I didn’t know a lot of what was going on but it was entertaining to watch. Conner from Angel is such a weasel on that show! It’s hard for me to watch him though because he is Conner to me, not Pete. But hopefully that goes away the more I watch it. I really like that Betty character. And I really don’t like the woman playing Don’s wife but I can’t really pinpoint why. Anyway, I’ll definitely keep watching that one.

I also tried to watch Desperate Housewives since they reformatted the show but I again found it tedious and silly. The only good part was Eva Longoria playing a frumpy housewife, which she did very well.

Okay, enough rambling. I guess I should start working or something.

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I know that isn’t so out of the ordinary for a lot of people but it is certainly more than I’m used to. 40 hours at main job, 22 at the Opera House. Crazy right?

Ugh, and the freakin’ Mets lost their game today so they are out of the playoffs. Damn bullpen. If the bullpen hadn’t blown so many games, the Mets would have clinched this a long time ago. Grrr.

The Browns won! It was like the only game I got right from the afternoon but at least the Browns finally won a game.

I found out the most adorable, touching, heartbreaking thing about the person I’ve formed a huge – well honestly it can only be called an obsession at this point. I don’t really want to write it on here but it is like my thing about the song “Music of the Night” and my brother Steve. Seriously, if this person is not a kindred spirit then I just am doomed to be along the rest of my life. Oh my goodness, I’m so pathetic! Help me! I also found out that he’s younger than me, whatever that’s worth.

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