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So I decided to give myself a night off and have spent the past two hours catching up on Pushing Daisies – 2nd season starts tomorrow night. Last year I had seen the first episode and maybe one other one. I remember really liking it but I seemed to never be home or around to watch the show.

Well now I’m watching and I am just in love with this show. I love the fantastical feel of it, the dreamy quality, the witty lines and above everything else, the relationship between Ned and Chuck. I mean, can they BE any cuter? It’s making me melt right to my sofa. And everyone in the show is just wonderful. I freakin’ love that dog.

I hope it can keep the magic going through the second year. I know it didn’t get great ratings last fall. I’m hoping ABC will give it a chance for a little while.

Lee Pace is now added to my list of famous-people crushes.


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Elizabeth Hasselback (sp?) is NOT the wife of Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselback. She is the wife of Tim Hasselback, QB for the Arizona Cardinals (I think he’s a backup). I knew I hadn’t lost my mind on that one.

Other NFL player news: Larry Izzo, special teams captiain for the Patriots, is going to be at the charity walk I’m doing Thursday night. Am I excited?


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“Ghost Town” and More

We went to see Ghost Town, that Ricky Gervais movie, last night and I would definitely recommend seeing it if you haven’t. It was a very cute movie with a handful of really big laughs and a whole bunch more little ones. Gervais made the movie a thousand times better than it would have been otherwise, he draws your attention every time he’s on screen. Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni were also very good as well as Billy Campbell (shout out to you Once & Again fans!) and Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show. Mandvi was very funny as a fellow dentist and it was nice to see him in a role that wasn’t stereotypical. Kristin Wig (sp?) from SNL also was hilarious. The great cast made the somewhat cheesy premise and plot very easy and enjoyable to watch and at about an hour and 40 minutes, the movie is just the right length so you don’t get bored.

Too bad I had decided to put a damper on the entire evening due to my temporary lapse of sanity caused yesterday by my being unable to get closer to the person I’ve been crushing on. On the T ride home, I made a strong effort to get hold of my senses again, to remember that I am a strong, independent person and that I’ve just been deluding myself the past few days. It was fairly disconcerting to realize that what you thought might be possible was just an illusion formed by a brain too drenched in classic romance fairy tales but I’m better now and I refuse to go into “the depths of despair” over something that probably was never there to begin with.

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