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Oh my God! Andy Hallett died! Lorne from Angel. He died! He was only 33!

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New York Anyone?

Given the subject, the creative team and the cast involved with the new Off-Broadway show Happiness I pretty much MUST go see it. I’ll let you all research and tell me if you agree.

Here’s an incentive: Joanna Gleason and Hunter Foster to name a few.

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Obama’s Paying for White House Renovations Personally from New York Magazine. It’s a small piece but it still makes me smile. I’m not sure I agree with everything the adminstration is doing so far but at least the Obamas get it.

Of course, that’s not to say they aren’t spending ANY of my money. That would be ridiculous.

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This has to be the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me while working at the Opera House. Brace yourself for a hurricane of stupidity.

I worked a lot this weekend so by my final shift Saturday night, I wasn’t all there mentally. On top of that, Saturday night was really hectic, lots of problems and issues to take care of. One of mine was a group of four seated up on the second level. It was an older lady, her two sons and a family friend. The friend came down to me and asked very politely if they could be moved closer as the older woman was legally blind and could not see the stage from their seats. After groveling at the collective feet at the box office, I was able to move them into the orchestra to which they were all very grateful and nice.

Wait for it.

Because I like to follow through with the issues I handle at the theater, I decided that I would show the group to their new seats on my own. BAD IDEA! Apparently working at this theater for two seasons has taught me nothing about where seat numbers are. The seats were for Row K, 31-37. I took them down the aisle that I was pretty sure these seats were on, the older lady holding on to my arm as we went (she really couldn’t see) and she was just the nicest person, laughing and joking with me. We get to K and I look down and I see seat 27. Uh oh, I’m thinking, their seats are on the other side of this row (again, I wasn’t thinking) so I had this poor lady go back up the aisle and down the center aisle instead. Guess what happened when we got there?

Seat 1. Crap.

Turns out seats 31-37 were just across the aisle from where we had originally been. Had I just turned around and thought to look at the other side of Row K, this poor woman would not have been dragged up and down THREE aisles!

I apologized profusely to her and she didn’t seem to mind (though her sons seemed a little pissed off – can’t blame ’em) but here’s the real kicker. Row L seats 31-37, as in the row directly behind the row in question above, are the orchestra wheelchairs seats meaning…

I look at these seats EVERY DAMN SHIFT! What the hell was I thinking? I swear I could have died I felt so bad for them. Luckily they weren’t angry, loved the show and it all turned out well.

Except for my bruised confidence. And here I thought I was actually good at this job.

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Two things:

1. Michael shimmying across the floor was hilarious.

2. You go Pam! It’s about time she moved on. Jim should have gone too but at least one of them will have income. Still, that was pretty awesome.

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I was walking to work this morning and the second most terrifying sight I could possibly see was looming right in front of me.

A circus tent.

The Big Apple Circus has come back to Government Center. Every stinkin’ spring this stupid thing comes here and this year it is worse as I’m now working close to that big tent, those horrible, scary clowns…

As if you had to guess what the most terrifying sight would be. I swear to God if I go out to lunch one day and see a clown, you’ll hear me scream no matter where you are.

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I don’t know why but I got really excited for the new season of football this morning, especially the return of Tom Brady.


Damn, look at those muscles…

And very exciting news. The Patriots opener is the first Monday Night Football game! It’s against the Bills and their recently acquired, no-show-to-voluntary-training-camp, locker-room poison Terrell Owens. Should be awesome.

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