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I amaze myself at my stupidity. There was a screw coming loose – in my head – on my pair of glasses so I took it out to screw it back in straight.Well, have you ever tried to put a miniscule screw into a very tiny hole that won’t line up when you are blind as a bat without the glasses on that you are repairing?

I cannot get the damn holes to match up again! I’ve been trying for the past 40 minutes. Like 5 guys have hit home runs in my baseball game while I’ve been trying to do this. So irritating!!!!


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Zach Morris was on Jimmy Fallon last night! No, not Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Zach Morris! As with almost every other person of my generation, I know each episode of Saved by the Bell by heart, thanks very much to TBS rerunning them as I got ready for school during middle school and high school.

And now it seems they will be doing a Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon! Oh. My. God. I’m twelve all over again.Though I really don’t want to see creepy-ass Belding again. Just too sad.


Who was your favorite? I was always a Preppy fan. Zach was THE guy on that show. Slater always annoyed me.

Anyhoo, YAY! Go watch the clip right now!

Side note: I remember having a major fight with a childhood friend about Mark-Paul Gosselaar. She was insisting that Paul was his middle name and I kept saying it was part of his first name. We didn’t talk for like a week. I’ve assumed all these years that I was right but perhaps I’m not? 🙂

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How come the days when you are the busiest at work are the days when there is so much you want to look at online? No fair. 😦

And you know I’m going to be back later about this quickly spreading news item that Zack Morris was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Oh yes, I’m ALL over that!

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SPOILER ALERT! If you didn’t watch The Colbert Report last night, try to skip this post until you can see it…and you should definitely see it.


First, for all the latest news, articles, and info on this, you should really check out No Fact Zone as the people there are doing a great job covering this Iraq trip.

It’s not a surprise that the first show of The Colbert Report from Iraq was awesome as this show specializes in these big, must-see events. It was the first time in a long time though that I laughed uncontrollably for the entire 30 minutes without even the hint of wanting to fall asleep. The show was excruciatingly funny. I loved Colbert’s camouflage suit, made by Brooks Brothers in Haverill apparently. The set was cool, filmed from one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces in Baghdad. The military audience seemed to be having a great time.

I think the highlight for me was the second segment field piece called “Stephen Strong: Army of Me” in which Colbert went to a South Carolina military base to do “10 hours” of basic training. Hysterical and, I gotta admit, it was kind of hot seeing Colbert do those push-ups. 🙂

But then of course we get a big surprise at the end by way of President Barack Obama who ordered the guest, General Raymond T.  Odierno, to make Stephen a true honorary member of the military by giving him a buzz cut.


And he did:


And now Stephen Colbert looks like this:


Now that really is ballsy. To have the Commander in Chief order you to get a military buzz cut to show solidarity with your audience has to be one of the best moments of late night this year.

The whole show made me want to do something more to support the troops over in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. It was a wonderful way for Colbert to say “Hey, we haven’t forgotten about you.” I can’t wait to see the rest of the week’s episodes.

Side note: You should try to catch The Daily Show from last night as well if you didn’t as it was also very funny. Stewart took some pretty good shots at Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.

Oh, also look for the upcoming issue of Newsweek which I guess is the first one that Colbert will be a guest editor for, or something like that. 🙂 ETA: CHECK THIS OUT!

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