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So it’s Saturday night and my baseball game is over (yay! Mets beat the Yankees!) and I decided to watch a movie to just relax for a little bit. I wanted a familiar, enjoyable movie, a good story with some laughs and some good acting. I had just read the Johnny Depp article in Vanity Fair and putting those two together, I decided on the movie Finding Neverland. Oh my God, I love this movie!


Some of you may recall that I’ve been an outspoken fan of Finding Neverland ever since it came out a few years back. I find the story to be touchingly charming and I think it is an all around beautiful film. Though he has done many great, iconic roles, Johnny Depp has never been better than as J.M. Barrie in this movie. His performance is subtle, nuanced and therefore almost as radical as his Jack Sparrow.


Kate Winslet is always amazing. But it is really the kids, and Freddie Highmore as Peter in particular, that make this movie great.


What I did forget about Finding Neverland is that starting from about 20 minutes before the end, I start to cry uncontrollably. Happens each time I watch it and tonight was no exception. That last scene with Freddie Highmore and Johnny Depp just tears me to shreds. I love it when a film can cause such a reaction in me.


Finding Neverland. Great, great movie. Watch with tissues handy.

And this just makes me even more excited to see Depp’s new movie Public Enemies. I may have to do a Depp marathon to prepare. It will be tough but I’ll just have to suffer through it. 🙂


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Opinion Needed

So I’m going to see a Mets game next Sunday. The game starts at 1:10 in New York. My bus from South Station leaves at 7 and is the only bus I can take to New York that morning that will get me to the game on time. The buses out here in Arlington don’t start on Sunday mornings until 6:00 am.

Now, the MBTA website says this supposed 6 am bus leaving from my stop will get into Harvard at 6:20. Here’s the question: Will I make the 7 am bus from South Station to New York if I take this earliest 6am bus from Arlington Heights? Figure in low Sunday morning traffic, few stops, and probably a 10-15 minute T ride from Harvard to South Station.

What do you guys think? Can I make it or should I take a cab – which I really don’t want to do.


Can I just say how freakin’ excited I am for this game? EEEEEE!!!!! I need to learn the “Meet the Mets” song. 🙂

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