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  • Nasty weather we’re having this week. I knew summer had to show’s it swealtering face at some point this year but did it have to bring all this humidity with it? You can stay positive and say “well, at least it’s only in the 80s” but does that really matter when it’s so damn muggy? As a sweater – a person who easily sweats – this has not been a good week. And today brought torrential downpours. I was lucky enough to get inside about 5 minutes before it started this afternoon.
  • Nasty week at work as well. After months of not following our normal procedure, we’ve had to do it all in a matter of about two weeks. I dare not say more than that for company privacy issues but let’s just say it’s been highly stressful. I think I pulled through it okay, I know much better than my boss.
  • Speaking of, my boss is getting married next Saturday and for the last couple months all we’ve heard about is how frustrated he is by the wedding, how much it costs and how little extra time he has had. The poor guy is gonna rip his hair out. And this is not a guy that gets upset easily. I feel for him but in his plight I’ve learned a valuable lesson: I do NOT want to plan a wedding.
  • I have yet another weekend ahead of me with absolutely no plans. While I know I shouldn’t complain about this, it isn’t making me feel very good. I need to keep this in mind this fall when I’m so busy I can’t even think. Add it to the list of reasons why I don’t like summer.
  • I’m reading Stephen King’s The Stand and absolutely loving it. You all should read it though it is pretty frightening. I find that I am unable to read Stephen King past about 7pm as I end up getting nightmares. And this one doesn’t even have a clown in it! I remember as a kid seeing the 4-part miniseries on TV, back when miniseries were a big deal, and having the extra time this weekend, I wanted to watch it again. Can you believe that it was actually checked out at my local video store? I mean, this thing is from the early 90’s and there’s more than myself here in my town wanting to watch it? Weird…and disappointing. I do love that Stu Redman.
  • The Mets had a stellar week, winning 5 games in a row – some of those against a very warm Col. Rockies team. Despite that though, they are still 9.5 GB in the NL East. Hoping for a miracle…
  • If you’re bored and looking for some entertainment, go to Boston.com and read all the reaction, professional and otherwise, about the David Ortiz shocker from yesterday. Major.
  • HI TOM!!!!!!


πŸ™‚ God, that man’s good enough to brighten even my mood right now.

And just to add the cherry on top:


How many more months until January?


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Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and :::gasp!::: David Ortiz?

The NY Times is reporting that the Red Sox slugger tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs back in 2003 is on that infamous list of 103 players to do so.

Now I know some of you readers are Red Sox fans and I’ve come to accept that. But I gotta tell you, for some sadistic reason, this has made me really happy.

At least until they uncover a Mets player on the list too. Seriously, it’s the Steroid Era. They all should be suspended for the season. Hmmm, where else have I heard that? Oh that’s right. David Ortiz said it last February.

πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see how Red Sox Nation defends/justifies this one.

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Guess what starts today!!!


Patriots training camp starts today. While I’m not particularly excited for training camp – though there’s almost always good pictures to be had – I think more excited about today because it means football season has started. My Mets are injury-riddled and like 10 GB in their division and I’m tired of hearing about the Red Sox. It’s time for football.

Though the media is going to pounce on the question, I don’t think we need to be concerned about whether or not Tom Brady is okay. They wouldn’t have traded Matt Cassel if Brady wasn’t on track. I’m more anxious to find out how the Patriots as a team are going to come together this year. Seems like there are some new, younger guys on the defense. How will the team perform without mainstays like Mike Vrabel and Rodney Harrison? Where’s the fight going to come from on the D side?

Other questions/stories for this season:

  • The AFC East in this decade has been the one to beat because of the NE Patriots but now all four teams are considered a threat. I’m interested to see how Rex Reed and the NY Jets punish themselves and very curious to see how long Joey Porter and the Miami Dolphins can run their mouths will being consistently outmatched by their hard schedule.
  • Which leaves the Buffalo Bills and the T.O. show. Terrel Owens has long been known as locker room poison and I honestly don’t see that changing. If he couldn’t make it work in Dallas, what makes anyone think he can make it work in Buffalo? You basically gave a guy that has a hard on for the spotlight the entire stage. I read in the latest Sports Illustrated that T.O. like being the big fish in a small pond better than having to play second fiddle to a star quarterback (Tony Romo). Trouble is, he may be a big fish in Buffalo but in the AFC East, against Randy Moss and Tom Brady, he’s just a punk that doesn’t know the word team.
  • Where is doggie-torturer Michael Vick going to go? I’m adamantly against him being reinstated. There’s some things that you shouldn’t get a second chance for and animal cruelty is one of them. Murder and rape are others and any players that have done that shouldn’t be playing either. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if ends up anywhere. My guess is no.
  • What are our alumni going to do this year? Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel, Josh McDaniels in Denver. For Cassel’s sake, I hope he does well. Especially since we don’t have to play Kansas City this year.
  • London game in October I think. Boo.
  • How about the Colts in their first season without Tony Dungy? Will Peyton be Peyton again?
  • Ooh, and when are we going to see the first Peyton Manning commercial? How can we live without a new one?

Most of all, I think we all are just anxious to see Tom Brady on the field again.



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This is one of those things that is just so wrong, it’s fucking hilarious. Just casually surfing through the channels this evening and I came across yet another rerun of South Park on Comedy Central. I fully admit to loving the crap out of South Park so if it is an episode I particularly enjoy I’ll usually stop and watch. You know, like “Raisins” or the Easter Special one or “Trapped in the Closet” – Laura, insert your JT here πŸ™‚

But tonight was, ahem, “special” because my most favorite South Park ever was on. Am I ashamed to admit it?


Well, yes. Yes I am.

I can’t help it. “Up the Down Steroid”, aka the Special Olympics episode, is one of the funniest half-hours of television I’ve ever seen. It’s so inappropriate and so un-p.c. but there’s just so much to love about it! Of course the Cartman stuff is wrongfully fantastic but I love the part where Timmy is trying to explain Jimmy’s steroid addiction to the principal but all he can say is “Timmy” and the part where Jimmy beats up his girlfriend cause he’s all juiced up. And then of course the biggest punchline is that Cartman finishes last in all the events. The whole thing is hysterical.


Bad me. πŸ™‚

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Okay, fine. I got my hair cut really short. Do I like it much? No. Am I trying to make the best of it? Yes. In a week it will be longer and totally fine.

Was talking to my coworker this morning – you guys know who – and she asked me if I got my hair cut to which I replied “Yes, last Thursday” and she said “Hmmm” and then agreed with me that it’s not great!!! WTF?!! Even if you don’t like the hair, you don’t say that to a person!!! Unless you are a good friend, you lie and say it looks nice. If I had a nickel for every time said coworker changed her hair and I didn’t say anything, I’d be going back to school.
Sorry but that just pissed me off majorly.

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So I know I need to post my official review of Rent with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal and I will but I have to get this story out first.

I and friends of the blog Laura, Lauren and Alyssa were killing time outside the Boylston T Stop last night before the show when, and not to my surprise, Anthony Rapp comes walking down one of the paths from the Common with a group of friends heading to the stage door for the Colonial. Of course we all got a little excited and were trying to figure out how we could watch him without being too creepy about it. He finally passes which allows us me, to stare unabashedly at him as he walks away.

To our great enjoyment however, instead of crossing the street, Rapp jumped up onto the grassy area right there at the corner of Boylston and Tremont and made a bee line for what looked like a couple of trash cans. Mind you, we were sitting a decent length away so I couldn’t exactly see what he had stopped at. All of a sudden I see him bend down over the so-called trash can and stick his arm into it!


I say something like “You’ve got to be kidding. Is Anthony Rapp going through the garbage?” because that’s really what it looked like. I think it was Alyssa who pointed out that he was not rummaging through trash but recycling whatever was in a plastic bag he had been carrying. But the weird thing was that he stood there for a few moments looking into the recycle can. What was I supposed to think? πŸ™‚

And thank goodness he was recycling because otherwise, well, that’s just going way too method with your acting.

He’s very brave though. He lingered at the corner for a lot longer than I would have advised given the throng of Rentheads standing across the street at the theater. I don’t think they saw him cause otherwise there probably would have beenΒ  a huge stampede across Boylston Street. Or at least a lot of screaming. I know I had to force control on myself to not start following him and his cute little…

Perhaps I’ve shared too much.

ETA: I haven’t been showing any Adam Pascal love which is wrong because he’s such a cutie – and wicked talented! – too.


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Some thoughts, of which only one does not involve me:

  • Damn, that Gates thing is pretty bad huh? (that was the one)
  • I have a pretty easy phone number so I get a lot of wrong number calls, sometimes as much as 3 a day. Today, I got 7 – all from the same dude and he would never leave a message. I called him back and told him that he had the wrong number but he insisted that not only did he have the right number but that I was the one that had called him! He sounded nice on the phone – who can really tell? – but I called my provider and blocked both of his numbers right away. So of course now I’m freaking out about it. Is someone using my cell phone number? How is that even possible? Am I going to have to change it? Ever since last June when my identity was stolen, I’ve been ultra sensitive about these kinds of things. EEK!
  • I got a haircut after work today. I couldn’t take the weight of my hair any more. It’s so think and curly that in the summer I feel like I have a big furry animal on my head. I sat in the salon chair and told the ultra hip looking stylist that she could do anything she wanted to my head as long as she cut off most of the hair. I haven’t witnessed a person’s face light up that fast in years. She got all bubbly and said in a very excited voice “Can I use my buzz clippers?!” I told her I didn’t care. So she went at it and…it’s short. About as short as I’ve ever gone. Feels great and so much lighter and cooler but it is definitely short. I’ve never been one to worry too much over a haircut or dye though. I mean, if it doesn’t agree with me it grows back in a few weeks anyway. Big deal. I’m much more vain about other things. Anyway, for those of you seeing me soon, you’ve been warned. πŸ™‚Β  Though I actually do like it.
  • I so failed at work. When our finance department moved to the company’s downtown offices last year, we were horrified to learn that the building had no recycling program. We go through tons and tons of paper with all the reports and statements we have to run so this was something I couldn’t let slide. I decided to start recycling the paper the office used by keeping in big boxes and periodically taking it home to be recycled by my apartment building. This soon got out of hand and for the last few months, the boxes of paper have just been overflowing. We finally got the go-ahead from the main boss to have the boxes destroyed (and by destroyed, I mean shredded, turned to pulp and recycled into new paper). I thought this was the next best solution. If the building isn’t going to recycle, we can just ship off boxes every 6 months or so to be destroyed. Problem solved, or so I thought. I asked today as the boxes were leaving if this could be an ongoing thing and was told very bluntly “Our office doesn’t recycle.” So much for trying to be green.
  • But who cares about all these little problems because in less than 24 hours, we’re going to see Rent!!!!!! From the 5th row! I cannot begin to express how much I’m looking forward to this. If I did, I would frighten you all. So I’ll just leave you with this:


And obviously I’ll be back on Saturday for a full out review of the show, which I’ve been trying to save the majority of until some of you see it. But please, tell me I’m not alone in being uber-pumped for this? Lie to me if you have to. πŸ™‚

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