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“You can try to stop the seasons, girl, but you know you never will. And you can try to stop my dancing feet but I just cannot stand still. ‘Cause the world keeps spinning ’round and ’round and my heart’s keeping time to the speed of the sound. I was lost till I heard the drums then I found my way. ‘Cause you can’t stop the beat.”


I cannot get enough of the Hairspray DVD! I loved the musical on stage and now I love the movie. I know every lyric by heart and I love having it to watch over and over. This evening, instead of doing much needed cleaning and cooking, I watched some bonus features and then the director’s commentary which also had Nikki Blonsky (Tracy) on it. Very enjoyable. I then tried learning the Payton Place at Midnight dance that one of the features tries to teach you. I used to be good at learning choreography. Now, eh not so much. It was fun though! I bet I looked like an idiot.

Of course, the bad news is that by taking two hours to watch all of this, I am now way behind on cleaning and cooking which means I do not have time to go downtown tomorrow morning and get my Mass. license. I’ve lived here as a full-time resident for over two years and am still using my Ohio ID. Urgh, I’ll get to it at some point. Maybe Wednesday? Oye.

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Go Colts! (what?!!!!)

And so it has come to this. The fate of the Cleveland Browns rests in tonight’s game: the Indianapolis Colts against the Tennessee Titans. If the Colts win, the Browns are in the playoffs (!!!). If the Titans win, the Browns are not in the playoffs :::cries::: You’d think it’d be simple for the Colts to win. Trouble is, most of their starters won’t be playing very long, including Peyton Manning. The Titans are playing for their season. You do the math.

Yes, I am rooting for the Colts to win. I want the Browns in the playoffs…as long as they don’t play New England. Then I have a problem. So….


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Lost is coming back January 31st. 8 new episodes will be shown in a row. The season was supposed to be 16 episodes. This from Damon Lindelof, head person on Lost, confirms my worst fears: there is a cliffhanger at the end of episode 8. This could potentially be very, very bad if the strike isn’t over by the time episode 8 airs (I’m thinking that would be sometime in March). Still excited, but very anxious as well.

Perhaps I need to do a sister blog, devoted to my ramblings on Lost? I’m thinking I’ll have quite a few things to say about it. Hmmm….

EDITED TO ADD: I’m officially putting myself on spoiler shut down for the upcoming season. I just read something that, while very interesting, might have been a little too much information for me. I know who’s getting flashbacks/flash forwards in the next eight episodes. I don’t know if they are flashbacks or flashforwards. TWOP forums have those answers for those of you who want to know. I’m done as of now.

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Youtube has some really funny interviews with Jason Bateman and Michael Cera from the movie Juno. Here’s a link to my favorite one. Jason Bateman is a sick, sick man. I love him.



from http://www.michaelcera.com/

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I’m sure you all have already heard about this. Hooray for Jon Stewart! I find his gray hair very amusing. It was nice that they gave him so much of it as a cartoon character.

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Lovin’ It!

I stayed in bed today until 1pm and am still in my pj’s. I plan on watching a lot of Lost today and doing some cooking.

I love being on vacation! 🙂

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AH YEAH!!!!!!


‘nough said.

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