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Hi all, here’s another round of random thoughts and happenings for this gray Sunday morning:

  • First of all, of course my thoughts are with the people of Chile and the surrounding areas affected by that massive earthquake yesterday. I can’t even imagine what a quake that big would feel like. The pictures are just terrible and even though the death toll looks to be lower than Haiti, right now it’s over 300 and that’s incredibly sad and heartbreaking. Now on to some lighter, less-important musings…
  • Speaking of MUSEings, this coming Saturday is when Katie and I go to see Muse at the Banknorth Garden. I’m so wickedly excited for this. I’ve been trying learn their songs in the past few months and with one album exception I think I’m there. Hopefully our seats aren’t too bad.
  • This is now the fourteenth day in a row that I’ve gotten a massive headache. I suppose I should be more worried about it but I just keep taking exedrin and it goes away. I’m wondering if it has to do with my new medications.
  • After a disappointing football season, I’m glad to say that Mets preseason baseball starts this Tuesday. I think I’m going to go with the radio option for the time being at least so I can listen to some of the games.
  • The New York Times has an article about David Wright saying that one of his favorite things to eat is a peanut butter, jelly and honey sandwich and that he eats these almost every day of the year. He even packs a lunch box for them to go to the baseball field. I love you Mr. Wright but this is not the most manly news item I’ve ever heard. Doesn’t go with your new muscles (which better the hell be clean!) at all.
  • Gearing up for the Celtics game Katie and I are going to in a few weeks. It’s been so long since I’ve followed the NBA that I’m not sure I remember a whole lot. I used to be really into Scottie Pippin when I was younger and I went to a lot of school basketball games growing up. Very excited to go to this as I’ve never been to a professional NBA game before. Need to get some Celtics gear though and I can’t decide between generic Celtics, Garnett or Pierce T-Shirt.
  • The Opera House was very weird yesterday. As it often happens, one shift was perfectly simple with little to no problems and then the other shift was an explosion of injured and drunk women. Not necessarily a stressful day but it was a bit chaotic last night. Only 4 more shifts to go!
  • Oscar Party a week from tonight. You’d think I’d have everything planned out for it but I don’t at all. Beyond having a car reserved, nothing is ready or bought yet. This might end up being a very weird assortment of food and drink. 🙂
  • So, I come home Friday night at about 11pm from seeing Shutter Island with Katie and Laura and I open my mailbox. What’s the last thing I’d want to see at 11pm on a dark night with nobody around? A freakin’ clown on the cover of my Entertainment Weekly! I know Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland but he looks like freakin’ clown and it scared me to death. I’ve had to turn the magazine on its face in my apartment, I can’t look at this too long as it might make me go crazy.

  • I have to start studying for that damn test.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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Yeah, I’ve been completely gone from my dear blog for a short time. Here’s some quickie thoughts to jump back in:

  • In love with Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment. Love every song, so much fun.
  • Wondering whether to get MLB Extra Innings for my TV or buy MLB.TV for the computer. The former would allow me to DVR games and watch them anytime, the latter to listen to games while at work…anytime.
  • LT in Boston! Let’s make it happen people
  • I didn’t think I was going to survive my walk home tonight. Ice cold rain water blowing at 50 mph in my face. Ouch.
  • Seeing Lion King good. Working Lion King bad.
  • Guilty pleasure of this week is gonna have to be Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians. Go Boston Rob!!!
  • Quickly learning to hate Baltimore if only because I’m doing the accounting for that theater and it sucks, though it doesn’t suck having more work to do. That’s pretty nice.
  • Laundry doesn’t happen in rainstorms. I sincerely hope I can make it to Sunday with the batch of clothes I have.
  • Just started reading The Monster of Florence, a true story about a never-caught serial killer in Florence going all the way back to the 70s. It’s terrifying but I cannot put it down.
  • I’m eating too much, not exercising much at all, going to bed early and watching too much TV. Life is pretty sweet right now. 🙂
  • It’s official. Alyssa and I are going to see Next to Normal in March. I haven’t been to New York since August and this might be the longest I’ve gone without going down there. Kinda hoping the snow will be gone by that time.

My schedule from now through April is insane. This whole year has been insane. I’ve got so many things going on, both awesome and icky, that I don’t even know. Yet instead of being productive, I, once again, am going to bed early. It’s the only way I can get through the days. Oh well. At least I feel good about it. 🙂

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Seriously? In the past week I’ve gotten a number of comments with spoilers in them. Because I get to approve comments, these spoilers have been shielded from regular readers on here but you are still spoiling it for me because I have to still read what you’re commenting on.

If it keeps happening, I have no choice but to stop this blog. Please, I’m begging you to think before you type and please do NOT post spoilers on here!


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WHAT THE F?!!!!!

My head hurts…

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Super, ultra quick thoughts for this Monday night:

  • Computer at work got a virus right after lunch. Spent rest of day trying to convince myself that I did not go anywhere online to produce such chaos on my hard drive. Swear to goodness I didn’t.
  • My mother got me hooked on RuPaul’s Drag Race on the LOGO channel. Something about drag queens makes me feel nostalgic for visiting my grandpa in P-town as a kid. Those were the days…
  • On same thought, have realized posting something like that on my facebook will give people who don’t know me the wrong idea and my father reason to be really nervous. Probably shouldn’t care but so be it. Hey, straight people can enjoy RuPaul too right? 🙂
  • Huffington Post has a behind the scenes video and photos of New Orleans Saint’s QB Drew Brees in his ad promo for Dove soap. He’s shirtless and wet. SERIOUSLY CHECK IT OUT! He’s giving Mr. Brady some serious competition in world’s hottest quarterback.
  • Speaking of football, football is over. Time to make the switch to baseball. I’m not even going to get worried about the Pats not having an offensive or defensive coordinator next season or the fact that we could be facing a football-free 2011 season.
  • EEK!
  • My kitchen and thus my entire apartment smells like burnt potatoes from my failed attempt at dinner from – get this – last night! Smell, smell go away.
  • Jon Hamm needs to shave. Don’t care if he’s not filming his TV show right now. I don’t like the beard. Feel free to disagree.
  • Rabbit beats duck. No contest.
  • Favorite part of Puppy Bowl was the hamster Twisters blimp. How silly!
  • Saw Hurt Locker. So should you.
  • If you ignore your credit cards, you don’t have an outstanding balance. Did you know that?
  • You can currently walk through my living room without having to climb over an air mattress. Suddenly apartment seems twice as big.
  • I watched Buffy Season 4’s “The Yoko Factor” this evening for absolutely no other reason than pure pleasure. 🙂

That’s all I got. Really sad isn’t it? If only you could live inside my head and be as weird as I. And now, at 9:17 pm, I’m going to bed. Why? Because I don’t have to.

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Okay, no!

I’ve been hearing this a lot this week and even more so today so I had to take a break from working on show audits to come here to vent about this. With the Super Bowl on Sunday, a lot has been made of the inane, unresolvable question of who is the best quarterback to ever play the game. This Sunday, two great QB’s are going to battle it out in what many predict to be a shoot-out. Brees has yet to win a championship so he’s out of the conversation until he does. But as for the other one, I’m sick and tired of this conversation.

I respect Peyton Manning, he’s a legendary quarterback, future Hall of Famer, and will go down as ONE OF the best to ever play the game in any position.

But Peyton Manning is not better than Joe Montana. Period.

Joe Cool has won 4 Super Bowls. He was SB MVP 3 times! He is one half of one of the greatest plays in NFL history, one of the greatest dynasties in the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s. He is the quarterback to which every other quarterback before or after him has been judged and compared to.

Manning may have flashier stats but he doesn’t have flashier jewelry and honestly, you can’t compare the two until he has 3 more rings. I wouldn’t even put Tom Brady above Joe Montana (though he’s definitely second).

This conversation, though, is ridiculous. Lump them all together. Manning, Montana and Brady. There’s never been 3 like them and it will be a long time before there is anyone to come close to them. According to my father, we have to consider John Elway in that picture too but I think he’s slightly below these guys.

I might be biased because Joe Montana was God in my house growing up. Not like God, he was actually the God so it’s hard for me to think that anyone could ever come close to the great Montana.

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Reminder that my first recap of Lost Season 6 is now up on Regarding Benry.

Warning: it’s really long! 🙂

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