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I think I’m gonna take a break from my blogs for a while. I enjoy making up posts and what not but I’m just not feeling it and I think a break is in order.

So as I leave you for a while, here are some pictures that cover just about all of the eye candy goodness I can get:

Later! ūüôā


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“Still I always feel the strange estrangement. Nothing here is real, nothing here is right. I’ve been making shows of¬†trading blows just hoping no one knows…”

I have Buffy on the brain. It’s been close to seven years now that I’ve been a fan of the Buffyverse – or I guess I should say Jossverse. But it still makes me all happy to find new people who love these stories and characters as much as I’ve grown to.

I could do a hundred top ten lists with this world of Joss Whedon’s, from Spike related to the best lines. Tonight, I’ll start with the big picture. My top ten favorite Buffyverse (Buffy the¬†Vampire Slayer¬†and Angel) episodes, in order. I urge you to agree/disagree in the comments section.

10. “Intervention”¬† Buffy¬† Season 5 – Spike creates a robot Buffy – aka the Buffy Bot – and Giles has to shake his gourd in the desert. “Death is your gift”, “You’re recently gay”, and all of the overtly sexual scenes with Spike and the Buffy Bot make this a special episode.

9. “Band Candy” Buffy¬† Season 3 – Giles lets loose with Joyce after Ethan helps to poison a bunch of candy bars. All the adults in Sunnydale start acting like teenagers. Officially starts my hope for a Giles/Joyce connection that abruptly ends with Season 5’s “The Body.”

8. “Spin the Bottle” Angel¬† Season 4 – The fun before the bleakness that is Angel Season 4. To get Cordy’s memory back, the gang does some kind of spiritual ritual that transports them all back to their teenage selves. Wesley is especially hilarious as “head boy.”

7. “Shells” Angel¬† Season 5 – More heartbreaking than “Hole in the World”, “Shells” is the one after Fred dies when Wesley is desperately trying to get her back. He stabs Gunn and kills Knox (evil, evil Knox). The song is what does it for me, Kim Richey’s “Home” playing over Fred leaving her house in Texas for a better life in L.A. I’m gonna cry just thinking of it.

6.¬† “Helpless”¬†¬†Buffy Season 3 – For her eighteenth birthday, Buffy is put through the Watchers Council’s test. She is weakened and has to face a big bad. Giles is the one who weakens her and she gets all betrayed-feeling about it. Oh my goodness, the relationship between the two is so precious in this one. Very father/daughter which I am a sucker for.

5. “Lies My Parents Told Me” Buffy¬† Season 7 – How about a little Spike action? This is the episode in which we learn how Spike’s mother was killed and how Spike killed the NYC slayer to get his leather coat. The acting by James Marsters is superb, especially as vulnerable, sad William.

4. “Passion” Buffy¬† Season 2 – Angel was never better on Buffy than when he was Angelus. In Season 2, he was truly sadistic and never more so than in “Passion.” Not only does he brutally murder Giles’ girlfriend Jenny Calendar but he plays Giles in the most cruel way as well. Very artsy, well crafted episode.

3. “Waiting in the Wings” Angel¬† Season 3 – Another heartbreaking one for Wesley. The gang go to the ballet where Angel realizes he’s watching the exact same dancers as he did back in the 19th century. The one where Fred and Gunn make it official and the start to Wesley’s downfall. The DVD has a hilarious deleted scene of Fred and Wesley in costumes, dancing a ballet piece on stage. You have to see it if you haven’t already.

2. “Once More with Feeling” Buffy¬† Season 6 – Oh I know, don’t yell at me. Yes, I am putting the Buffy musical at number 2. I love the Buffy musical and have it to thank for getting me hooked on the show. Freshman year in college, my roommate was obsessed with Buffy and one night she had it on and it was the first airing of the musical. Already being a musical fan, I paid attention and quickly fell in love with the show. I have Buffy to thank for a lot of things, including a bonding experience with now one of my closest friends (you know who you are! Remember when I screamed and ran out of the room during that clown episode?). Anyway, the musical speaks for itself. Easily the best of the Buffy eps.

But there is one episode that trumps all of these other ones. It might just be my favorite hour of television period.

1. “Smile Time” Angel¬† Season 5. “Self-esteem is for everybody. Self-esteem is for everyone. You can dream it, be anybody but self-esteem is how you get it done.” As if a musical TV show isn’t good enough, a musical PUPPET show is even better! In this awesome episode, Angel is turned into a puppet and much hilarity ensues. We also get Fred and Wesley getting together at last – though they are cruelly split apart in the very next episode. “Smile Time” never fails to make me cheery. I love the silliness of it and the firm tongue in the cheek nature of it. Angel’s excitement as a puppet steals every scene and when he turns into the vampire puppet, ah…that is perfection. And Puppet Angel beating the crap out of Spike just brings it to that next level. Not even a contest, best episode ever.

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Guys, you need to read this book. If you care what direction our country is about to go into, you need to read this book. If you care that the Bush administration has taken us through the mud for the past 7 and a half years, you need to read this book.

Yes, I believe.

I believe that Barack Obama is the real deal. Even though he has had some questionable things go on this summer, I really do think he has his head on straight. I like his varied background, I like his commitment to his family and yes, even to his faith. He isn’t trying to ram his beliefs down our throats. He is set to get us out of Iraq and where we need to be. And I think domestically he understands where the troubles are.

Most importantly, in my opinion, Barack Obama looks like a leader. This is a man who commands attention, speaks with grace and intelligence, and is simultaneously disarming and reassuring. His trip abroad will tell a lot of this tale as will the convention and the debates. But after the bumbling, conniving, bastardness of George W. Bush, Barack Obama will be like a tall glass of water on a hot day.

But the short answer is that I don’t see Barack Obama losing this election. And if that is the case, it would be better for all of us if we all find out as much as we can about what he believes. The Audacity of Hope is a good place to start. You won’t like everything in there but the overall leaves me feeling pretty good about this.

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New Blog!

ETA: I’m posting a fair amount over there and will continue to do so on Wednesday, so check back in. More football soon, I promise.

Okay, I have a new blog. It is in the very beginning stages right now so there isn’t much there at the moment. It is called My Other Passion: My Random Thoughts on All Things Sports. As the title suggests, it is a sports blog.

Here’s the deal. As we get into the election season and as the TV shows start coming back, I’d like to keep Three Months’ Time geared more towards that and other general observations. My Other Passion will have all of my sports related posts, included opinions, analysis, pictures of Tom Brady’s butt and more. It will include football, basketball, baseball, the Olympics, and any other sports-related topic that comes up.

The link is already in the blogroll but here it is again: www.myotherpassion.wordpress.com Please visit it often and leave some comments. All you Red Sox fans are free to bash me as much as you want as I will not hold back if they piss me off. ūüôā

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I’m reaching far back now as I haven’t been obsessed with The X Files in a really long time. But the new movie comes out Friday (I can’t wait, though I have no idea when I’m seeing it) and Mulder and Scully are definitely back in the spotlight.

And how did we not know David Duchovny has a blog? http://duchovnyfiles.blogspot.com/ You have to check this out.

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A New Blog???

Working on something I think might be a lot of fun. It’s a new blog, kinda the same idea as Regarding Benry but about something else. I’m working on it and will let you know when it is up and going.

What’s it about? Here’s a hint:

And here’s another one:

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Wacky Weather

When is the last time you actually were cold outside? With the breeze going and no sunshine, I was a bit cold waiting for the bus and walking to work. Wild.

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