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Which would you rather do? There’s an article on Yahoo saying that to lessen gas consumption for employees, they’ve offered 4 day work weeks, 10 hours a day.

I personally would do this. It would be wonderful to work only 4 days a week and after a month you’d get used to the longer hours. I’d put the hours in the morning so I’d still have an evening.

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Regarding Benry

Seriously, just go over there. That’s where the new posts are.

Regarding Benry: My Lost Blog

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ETA 2: As if this wasn’t good enough, David Sedaris will be on The Daily Show Tuesday night to promote the book! Yay!

Not often does something make me jump up and down – uh, I guess everything makes me jump up and down – but this I am so wicked excited about, probably because I just found out about it 3 minutes ago. David Sedaris’ new book comes out June 3 – that’s next Tuesday! I’ve completely blanked on the name of the book.

I read his books about a year or so ago for the first time and have never laughed so hard reading a book in my life. If you haven’t read them, you really should. I especially liked Naked.

There’s a Q&A on EW.com with Sedaris: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20202932,00.html

I guess I know what I’ll be reading next.

ETA: The title of the book is When You Are Engulfed in Flames

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Tonight is the night and I’m guessing I will be posting quite a bit over at my Lost blog Regarding Benry so go check it out. Keep in mind that it is basic rehashing of links to other, more informed sites mixed in with opinion of my own. NO SPOILERS so don’t worry. 🙂 Go check it out.

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Not a Joke

Yesterday as I was coming home from work, I saw three LIVE chickens clucking about in the little lawn area in front of my building. They weren’t turkeys, they were chickens.


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Ways to Save

In light of my excursions to Broadway, I would like to start being a little better with spending in other areas, such as food, entertainment, and various other things. What are ways you guys cut down on costs? I’m not really talking about opening a savings account or anything like that. More like cutting corners in places. Ideas would be most welcome and appreciated!

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