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Sorry Steve

So, funny story. We finance people went downtown to our main office this afternoon for lunch and on the way back, we started talking about that video game, Guitar Hero (which I really want to play at some point). I went into a story about how my brother Stephen and I as kids would play a football video game on Nintendo (old school!). Steve would always get mad at me because I would usually beat him at the game, even though he was a huge football junkie. I won because the crappy game would let you do plays that in reality, you couldn’t. My favorite was to do a 60-yard field goal and it usually would work. I’d pick plays at random and I usually did beat Stephen who would stress out about which to pick.

Anyway, my boss was in the front seat and looked back to me and said “This is going to sound awful, but I didn’t know you had a brother.”

Oops, I never told my boss about my brother. I thought I had. I know I’ve told someone here. So, of course, I had to do the really uncomfortable explanation that I had a brother who would have been 29 this year ( a year older than my boss) and he died when he was 18. And then…complete silence. My boss’s eyes went really wide and he said “Sorry to hear that” and then nobody talked. I hate when that happens. I always bring the mood down when I talk about Stephen. I don’t mean to, it just happens. I’ve stopped telling everyone I meet about him for this reason. It’s kinda annoying. I understand why people get uncomfortable, but it is still a little irritating.

And I bet you I don’t get any comments on this post also. I do get it. What do you say? I usually don’t know what to say to other people who’ve had close relatives die. So I guess I should stop complaining. 🙂

I guess that wasn’t a funny story.


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A couple of days ago, I posted my top Christmas songs and put “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at the top of the list. Here is a really interesting article about the song from EW.com.


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norbert.jpgPlaybill has a little feature on Norbert Leo Butz who will soon be starring on stage in Mark Twain’s Is He Dead. Also was the genius behind the song “Ruthie Pigface Draper” from Dan in Real Life. There are a thousand other reasons you should be a fan of this guy.

Cue & A: Norbert Leo Butz

Something tells me his vulgar character of Freddy Benson in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was very close to his real personality. More so than Fyero in Wicked anyway.

I just adore him.

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Not only am I not being paid the correct amount for person in my position at this company, but now my paycheck is getting fucking LOWER! It has been the same exact amount for the past year and then I get it today and it is $5.45 less.

I was just informed that it is because the MA State Tax went up because I crossed a certain threshold for the year. Somebody just shoot me in the head now.

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I don’t have much to say about seeing Mamma Mia last night at the Colonial Theater. It was…Mamma Mia, a high-energy, tongue firmly in cheek jukebox musical set to ABBA songs. Since it was the first of this wave of jukebox musicals, I’ll forgive it for being a jukebox musical. The best joke about Mamma Mia is how they arrange ABBA’s greatest hits into a somewhat flimsy story. The joke is that they are using these popular songs and there are very few moments where the musical takes itself too seriously (which was the major fault of the awful jukebox musical All Shook Up). If you grew up listening to ABBA as I did, this is a very enjoyable show. If you don’t know ABBA or are a new fan, it is still enjoyable. If you hate ABBA, you will hate this show. Its made for fans.

And my God, there were fans at the theater last night. Old fans. Like grannies dancing in their seats, old guys busting a move. It was really funny to watch all these middle-aged and ederly people bobbing their heads and occasionally singing along with the actors. At the end of the show, they do a little concert-type thing with the songs “Mamma Mia”, “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” complete with the sequined spandex outfits that ABBA wore back in the 70’s. Its a lot of fun and most of the audience got up to dance and sing. I wanted to so badly but I was around all of my coworkers who were not dancing, so I thought it best not to as well.

It was so hard to sit through that show and not move or sing to the music, I know it so well from my mom being an ABBA fan to having seen the musical a number of times now. Oh well. It was fun. The Colonial needs to turn the speakers down though as it was way too loud. The background singing completely drowned out the lead actress, who had a very nice but quiet voice.

If you have a chance to see the show and are familiar with ABBA, it’s a good time and you’ll probably come away entertained. Just don’t expect depth, much emotion (except the song “Slipping Through My Fingers” which the mom and daughter sing and it gets me every time), or much in the way of spectacular sets or costumes.

Not including the spandex of course!

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It’s Official!

Stagehands End Walkout on Broadway

YAY! Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come regarding the other strike that continues its fourth day of negotiations today.

I didn’t realize last night that I came across this news about two seconds after it hit the internet. Fun fun.

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Broadwayworld.com (and many others) are reporting that the Broadway Local One Stagehands strike is over!


News pending.

I really hope this is true and that Broadway can get back to business!

And the WGA Strike negotiations are going on again tomorrow. I have to think that more talk is good, so I’m crossing my fingers on that one as well.

Off to watch my Michael Buble concert DVD from Netflix. Anyone who wants to make fun of me for that needs to ask themselves if it is really a surprise that I like Michael Buble considering the other things I listen to. 😡

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