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Wonderful Music

Ever listen to a CD and instantly know that you love it?


LoveMusik – a musical based on the life of Kurt Weill. Stars Michael Cerveris and Donna Murphy. Very German, including a fun version of the song “Mack the Knife” all in the foreign language. 🙂

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Late Night Back On

I stayed up long enough to watch monologues last night. There are a lot of good write-ups out there for you to read. I’d start with The New York Times and Deadline Hollywood Daily. I agree with the headline on DHD. Leno’s monologue was obviously scripted but he says that he wrote himself and didn’t violate the rules. I have a twinge of excitement also at the thought that Stewart might be able to make an agreement with the WGA like Letterman did, though I still think that this is not a good strategy for the strike. It’s good for my favorite shows though. We’ll see.

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Holy hell is it cold out! It’s bad enough temperature wise, but then that wind gets going and it feels like the skin on your face is being scraped away. I waited about 7 minutes for the bus this morning but it felt like 20. No part of me was warm by the time it came.

On days like this I just keep telling myself how much I hate 90 degree weather and humidity.

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