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Sweet Dreams

They aren’t dirty but they are close. 🙂 Thanks to PaulDinello.net for the Strangers with Candy screencaps.isfreedomfree241.jpg



What was that resolution about more intelligent posts? I can’t remember as I’m too blinded by the yumminess in the above pictures. :::sings::: I need a life :::sings:::

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Man, do I know how to party on a Saturday night! I’m sitting here drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade, eating Chex Mix with the Steelers game on in the background and fiddling with my blog theme.

The things we’ll do to not spend money.

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Backhanded Praise

Yay! Tom Brady wins NFL MVP award! Too bad that instead of focusing on the amazing season this amazing athlete has had, most of the articles out there about the accomplishment choose to put right there in the headline that the final tally was 49 for, 1 against for Brady’s win. Just has a negative ring to it.

Anyway, WOOT! #12 is the darling of New England right now. To be fair, when is he not? His SmartWater ads are now all over the bus stops. I saw Tom Brady in Allston and on North Harvard Street all on the same day. Crazy. 🙂


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Working On Saturday


And not at the Opera House, but at my full time job. Good Times!

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