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Good news…I guess?

Well, I just got a call from my mom and my grandfather is out of surgery and sleeping off his medication at the moment down in Sarasota Florida. He went in this morning for a double bypass surgery – or whatever it is called – and ended up having a triple bypass, not to mention his surgery that was scheduled for this morning was pushed back to this afternoon. So good news, right? I guess. When the doctor came out, he said that the surgery went “okay.” Not great, not bad. OK.

What the hell does that mean? Anyway, the good news is that he is out of surgery. I really hope that his recovery is quick and without complications or, God forbid, infections. But my grandpa is young and stubborn so I’m sure he’ll be better than ok. Geesh.

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SPOILER ALERT: If you didn’t watch last night’s Colbert Report and care about not knowing what happened in the second segment, don’t continue reading.

Okay, how completely unexpected was that? Colbert was talking about his ongoing fued with Conan O’Brien over which host “made” Huckabee when a lady from the audience screams loudly and the camera cuts over to…Jon Stewart! He hasn’t been seen on the show since the infamous Geraldo saga back in the summer of 2006. Even though I was sick, I still got all giddy. Honestly, I can’t really even remember what was said but Jon and Stephen were very giggly and Jon made some claim that he “made” Conan because O’Brien appeared on Stewart’s MTV show back in the 90s.  I certainly hope all three hosts have discussed this fued off camera because I was always under the impression that there was a real-life fued (might be too strong a word) between O’Brien and Stewart. I guess not. You should check it out if you didn’t see it.

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